BELLA 13694 Review: Cheaper Alternative to a Breville with Comparable power

If you shop in a department store for juicers the most power you’ll get between $50 to $70 is probably a 350-watt underpowered extractor that will be overworked and fail prematurely before the warranty ends.

The Bella 13694 high powered juicer is different.

BELLA 13694 Review

This machine isn’t underpowered by any means with its 1,000-watt motor.

The durable motor allows this to be used every day without any worries of straining the motor.

Yes, it is noisy, but almost all centrifugal juicers are anyways so you’ll have to adjust to it.

Prep time will be cut down because it comes with a wide 3” feed chute. How about the yield and other features?

Well, find out in this review.

Features at a glance

  • 1,000-watt motor
  • Two speed settings – high (at 14,000rpm) and low (at 12,000rpm)
  • Motor base has a polished stainless steel finish
  • BPA free
  • Dishwasher safe (on the top rack only)
  • Stainless steel cutting disk and strainer
  • It has rubber feet to prevent it from slipping on the countertop
  • Large 3″ feed chute so you can fit a whole apple in
  • 16″ tall

The good:

  • Very affordable – makes for a tremendous first juicer
  • Has a strong 1,000-watt motor
  • Large feed chute cuts down prep time
  • Stainless steel finish is resistant to stains
  • BPA free

The Bad:

  • Very noisy
  • Struggles with leafy greens
  • Sucks in lots of air
  • Even if it has two speed settings, it’s only a 2,000 rpm difference
  • Complaints about plastic cracking and being difficult to disassemble

What to expect from the Bella 13694?

Powering this juicer is a 1,000-watt motor that spins the cutting disk at 14,000rpm, a lower setting is also available at 12,000rpm which is a head scratcher for me because there isn’t much difference.

A better option, in my opinion, would be lowering it down further to 6,500rpm just like what Breville does with its juicers.

BELLA 13694 Juicer Features

The housing is made from a nice, and shiny polished stainless steel that should be resistant to drips and all components here are BPA free.

Feed chute size is 3” so there isn’t too much need to pre-cut ingredients to juice.

This will work best on…

…Hard fibrous vegetables like celery, carrot, and beet.

It’ll also work great on fruits like apple and pear as well as strawberry, cucumber, zucchini, and similar ingredients.

Take note that this will struggle with leafy greens like spinach and kale. But you can get more from these by rolling them up and stuffing the feed chute before turning on the machine.

It’ll also struggle somewhat with soft citrus fruits like orange, pineapple, and lemon.

The key here is to alternate between hard and soft ingredients to maximize yield.

Despite the strong motor, some consumers say it’ll have a hard time juicing hard stuff like carrots or beet. But the key here is not force feeding it but using a slow pace when pushing down.

How long can you store juice?

Since this juicer rotates at such a high speed (14,000rpm), lots of air gets into the liquid which oxidizes it as a much faster rate than a slow juicer. So you’ll have to drink juice as soon as you’re done extracting it to get the maximum benefit.

If you have to store it, don’t store it for more than 24 hours or it’ll spoil.

Always keep juice refrigerated.

How much preparation is needed?

The wide 3” feed chute means that you don’t have to do too much chopping.

Feed chute is big enough to fit a medium-sized orange or apple without chopping it. Though you’ll have to peel the later so your juice won’t taste bitter.

Of course for large items like pineapple or watermelon, you’ll have to pre-cut them.

How much juice can it extract?

Like what I’ve mentioned earlier in this review, it’ll extract the most from hard and fibrous fruit and vegetables like apple, celery, carrot, cucumber, cauliflower, radish, etc.

It will struggle with green leafy vegetables because you’ll need to squeeze them to extract the most from it.

I’ve mentioned throughout different reviews that you’ll need to roll a bunch of leafy greens on top of the other so that it creates more mass for the cutting disk to bite on and extract more.

If you put leaves in one by one, the cutting disk will not be able to shred and extract a lot of juice from it, and you’ll be left with bits and pieces of whole leaves inside the pulp bin afterward.

Is it hard to clean up?

It won’t take more than 5 minutes to disassemble and clean this juicer. You’ll get a cleaning brush so cleaning the strainer and cutting disk shouldn’t be an issue, clean it after using it, so pulp does not dry up.

One tip that most expert juicers give is putting a plastic bag inside the pulp bin so you can throw it afterward and not need to wash the ejector bin.

See it in Action

This guy is using the Bella juicer for the first time, see how it went.

What type of juicer is this?

This is called a centrifugal ejector juicer because the cutting disk spins at a very high speed and it has a separate collector for the pulp.

How long is the warranty?

It comes with a 1-year warranty on the whole juicer.

Is it BPA free?

Yes, all parts are BPA free.


I’ve seen one video of this, and it seems to be loud, not as loud as a blender but loud enough to scare a toddler that’s nearby probably.

If you have neighbors that you’re afraid of waking up, a more quiet juicer like the Jack Lalanne would be a better choice.


Since it is primarily sold in the US, expect to get a 110-volt version of this. Not sure if this is available in 220 volts.


  • 8” x 16” x 12” (width x height x depth)
  • Weighs around 15 pounds

Product Specification

Feed chute size and shapeRound

3" in diameter
(revolutions per minute)
High speed setting: 14,000rpm

Low speed setting: 12,000rpm
Disk type Stainless steel
TypeCentrifugal juicer
Juice vegetables?
Juice fruits?
Cant it make nut butter?No
Can it make sorbet?No
Can it grind coffeeNo
Can it process foodNo
Dishwasher safe
Top rack only
Warranty1 year
Motor1,000 watts

The package includes


  • Motor-based with stainless steel housing
  • Food pusher
  • Transparent plastic cover
  • Juice bowl
  • Juice jug with splash free lid (34 ounces)
  • Pulp basket
  • Cleaning brush
  • Manual with recipes

Where is this manufactured?

This juicer comes from China.

Consumer Rating

This juicer under the radar juicer has gotten over 100 reviews in Amazon alone which tells you that a lot of people buy this product.

Consumers show left high ratings said that this is a great budget juicer because it does the job well for the price.

One even compared it to the more expensive Compact Juice Fountain and said the yield was roughly the same!

Even though it has a 1,000-watt motor, some people have complained that it was weak and that it strained when you juice carrots.

Others refute that claim saying that you can’t push too hard on the produce but instead push it slowly to get the maximum yield.

If you find the motor getting strained when you try to juice a large piece of carrot, try to cut it in half and see if it does a better job.

Being a sub $50 juicer, components used are plastic and there are complaints of the top cover cracking and leaking on the sides.

Again, another consumer refuted this saying that you need to assemble this carefully and not force things.

The second problem would be the seal fails. However, the warranty should solve this issue as not many people complained about this.

The yield was also a mixed bag – some were satisfied with it while others were not happy saying that pulp that comes out is wet.

Again for the best results, you have to alternate between soft and hard ingredients to help extract the maximum amount and always throw in hard ingredients like carrots last.

Clean up was easy according to several consumers but take note you’ll have to clean this after using it, so pulp does not dry up.

One other potential problem that several consumers pointed out was hard to remove strainer and basket, one possible cause for this is running the motor for too long that it heats up the shaft that connects the motor to the cutting blade.

Overall the consensus was that this is a tremendous first juicer for people looking to try out juicing for the first time but not willing to or don’t want to spend over a hundred dollars for a high-quality juicer like the Breville.

Since this is a budget juicer, always be on the lookout out for budget juicer problems like an overheated motor, cracking plastics and other quality control issues that tend to pop out here and there if you get a bad unit.

Where can I buy this?

You can buy this juicer from Amazon for less $60. One thing I like about buying in Amazon is the availability of the 2-day free shipping if you enroll in Prime. For those who are a little worried about the warranty, you can purchase an extended warranty from Amazon up to 4 years for the extra peace of mind.

This juicer would be great for…

…People looking for a high powered budget juicer.

The 1,000-watt motor will not disappoint because it is strong enough to go through and shred most fruits and vegetables in seconds and robust enough to handle a daily beating most consumers were happy when they bought this because it wasn’t expensive and it still performed well.

Even though it has a two-speed setting, it is somewhat disappointing because there isn’t much difference between the two, only a 2,000rpm difference.

The Breville JE98XL’s high-speed setting is 12,000rpm which is the same as this one so why they made this a low setting still baffles me.

To conclude this is an excellent budget juicer for people who are looking to buy their first juice extractor. The motor is strong, has a wide feed chute, and it extracts juice reasonably well.

Just be wary of the potential issues I detailed above and use it as much as you get before the warranty expires.

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