Best Alkaline Water Pitchers in 2019

Drinking alkaline water is one of the best things you’ll ever do to improve your health.

It helps lower the body’s pH levels, making it more efficient because it doesn’t have to work as hard to maintain pH levels.

Best Alkaline Water Pitcher

Buying bottled alkaline water to enjoy its benefits can be expensive.

A one-liter bottle can cost around a dollar per. Men should drink at least three liters of water and women two. That adds up to around three dollars per day to stay hydrated.

Add up the cost over a year; you’ll have to spend over a thousand dollars! And that’s just for an individual.

Not to mention all the plastic waste you’ll be contributing to the landfill.

An alkaline water pitcher offers a more environmentally friendly option for drinking alkaline water.

These pitchers have a filter on top that removes contaminants from tap water.

Just fill it up with water and let the filter do all the work as water drips down. The result is excellent tasting water without spending $$$ and contributing to plastic waste.

These pitchers can raise the pH levels of water higher by two points.

Aozora Premium Alkaline Water Pitcher

Another product similar to the EHM Ultra-Premium pitcher is the Aozara pitcher. Both these products have roughly the same capacity at 3.5 liters.

Aozora comes with a four-stage filter with 2-micron pores. This filter contains activated carbon that helps remove contaminants. Another way this filter helps produce healthy water is that keep trace minerals like calcium and magnesium.

  • Capacity: 3.5 liters
  • Filter cost: Approx. $8.5
  • How long does the filter last? Up to 40 gallons
  • BPA free: Yes

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One feature that this has over the EHM would be the lower cost of filters.

Whereas the EHM filter will cost around $20, this has a cheaper filter at approximately $8.5.

Aozora claims that their filter can purify up to 300 liters of water before it needs replacing.

Lastly, this product comes with a lifetime warranty that if it breaks they will replace the pitcher.

Bottom line: Aozora offers a cheaper alternative to the bestselling and yet more expensive EHM. Expect similar filtration between these two products but Aozora’s filter is less expensive.

EHM Ultra-Premium Alkaline Water Pitcher

The EHM Ultra-Premium pitcher combines affordable filters, decent capacity (up to 3.5 liters) and excellent filtration.

At the heart of this is a six-stage filtration system that removes a variety of contaminants. These include chlorine and heavy metals. EHM says that their filter can raise the pH of water up to 10 depending on the water source.

  • Capacity: 3.5 liters
  • Filter cost: Approx. $20
  • How long does the filter last? Up to 200 liters
  • BPA free: Yes

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Using their filter also adds calcium, potassium, and magnesium to provide a low negative ORP (or Oxidation-Reduction Potential) between -100 and -200.

A lower ORP increases water’s capability of breaking down contaminants to promote healthy cell growth. In short, it is healthy for the human body.

It can hold up to 3.5 liters of water and filter can hold up to 2 liters of water.

The filter that comes with the bottle can filter up to 200 liters before you need to replace it. If you do the math, the filter will last about two months.

Replacement filters will cost around $20 per on average.

Bottom line: The EHM Ultra-Premium alkaline water pitcher is a bestseller in Amazon for a good reason. It offers excellent filtration and high capacity at a pretty good price point. There are complaints about quality control issues like filter leaking and not working as advertised, but the majority of consumers gave it a big vote of confidence.

Aquagear Water Filter Pitcher

The EWG says that Chromium-6 is in two-thirds of all tap water in homes in the USA. Between 2013 and 2015 they found that chromium-6 levels were at an unsafe level.

If you’re not familiar with what chromium-6 is please read this article to get more information about it – one of which is cancer.

  • Capacity: Not specified
  • Filter cost: Approx. $50
  • How long does the filter last? Up to 40 gallons
  • BPA free: Yes

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The Aquagear water filter pitcher is capable of removing 99.4% of chromium 6, 99.9% of chlorine, 99.9% of lead, 99.8 of arsenic, 50 VOCs and much more!

Talk about a water filter that can save your life!

What’s more, for every purchase Aquagear will donate six months of clean water to the villages in Tanzania and Brazil.

If you value giving back, then this is a worthy cause to support.

Their filter is quite expensive at close to $50, but it is capable of filtering out impurities for up to 150 gallons of water.

The manufacturer also offers a lifetime guarantee on their products.

Bottom line: Yes, Aquagear is an expensive option, but it is made in the United States. Their filter will last a long time before you need to change it (up to 150 gallons!) which is longer than any other product on this list. If you don’t mind paying $70 for a water pitcher, this is a great option that will ensure you access to safe and clean drinking water.

Brita Large 10 Cup Everyday Water Pitcher

Brita has been in the alkaline water pitcher business for years now. A glance at Amazon reveals that this product has gotten over a thousand reviews, most of which gave them good ratings.

The Brita large 10 cup water pitcher at full capacity will hold up to 3.5 liters of water which is standard for most of the plastic pitchers here.

  • Capacity: 3.5 liters
  • Filter cost: Approx. $5 (standard filter)
  • How long does the filter last? Up to 40 gallons for the standard filter and 120 gallons for the extended filter
  • BPA free: Yes

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According to Brita; their filters are capable of reducing zinc, copper, cadmium, mercury, chlorine and lead impurities from tap water.

The standard filter will filter up to 40 gallons of tap water.

An extended use filter is also available which is good for up to nine hundred 16.9 ounce water bottles (or 120 gallons).

The pitcher is BPA free, and the filter has an indicator that tells you when to replace it.

Bottom line: Folks looking for a large capacity water filter should have a close at Brita. Their ten-cup capacity water pitcher is great for families looking for a tool that will help purify their tap water.

Invigorated Water pH Stainless Steel Alkaline Water Pitcher

So far most of the products I have here are plastic.

This next product is unique in that it comes in a beautiful stainless steel container.

And an excellent stainless steel pitcher will last much longer than plastic.

The Invigorated Water pH stainless steel pitcher looks more like a pitcher you’ll see in a Micheline star restaurant than an alkaline water pitcher, but it doubles as such!

  • Capacity: 1.9 liters
  • Filter cost: Approx. $11.32
  • How long does the filter last? Up to 105 gallons
  • BPA free: Yes

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Unlike the EHM or Aquagear; this product doesn’t rely on a bulky plastic to filter out water. It relies on what looks like a teabag to filter out contaminants.

The ultra-modern design makes this pitcher look blend in a modern kitchen which makes this a great gift idea if you know anyone is moving into a home with such.

This is a more environmentally safe solution because you’re not throwing out plastic which what you are mostly doing with standard filter designs.

It’s a great option if you’re concerned about reducing your plastic footprint.

The filter works like a tea bag where it sits at the bottom of the pitcher.

Unlike the other products in this list where slowly drips downward, the manufacturer claims that this bag can remove contaminants from the water after soaking it for a few minutes.

Take note that note everything is stainless steel in this product. The handle is wood held on by a single screw which may be a concern long term, but consumers so far don’t seem to mind.

It does come with a money back guarantee if you think the quality isn’t up to par.

Bottom line: The Invigorated stainless steel water pitcher is a great option if you’re looking for something that looks great and something that doesn’t use plastic in their products. It works somewhat like a tea bag where you soak it and let it do its job purifying water.

What is an alkaline water pitcher?

At first glance, an alkaline water pitcher looks like any other pitcher with one big difference.

These pitchers have a filter on top that will remove contaminants from tap water. Some of the impurities found in tap water include pesticide, pollution, and heavy metals.

If you live in a developing countriew chances are water from the tap isn’t safe to drink so this is a cost-effective way of having access to clean drinking water.

Some people say that using alkaline water in beverages like coffee will enhance its taste because it has fewer contaminants.

How to choose an alkaline water pitcher?

Before buying one here are some of the essential features to look.

1. Filter replacement cost

Filters would be the only part that you’ll need to replace periodically. Looking for a water pitcher with a reasonably priced that will last long enough that you don’t have to continually replace it.

A good filter will last between two and four months depending on how much water you consume daily.

2. Filter gauge

Another feature to look at would be the filter replacement gauge that will tell you exactly when to replace the filter. Having this feature takes out the guesswork involved and protects you from using a dirty filter.

3. Usability

Look for something that’s simple to use. I mean it’s a pitcher. If you need a manual to use the darn thing, it’s probably too complicated. Check if the filter is easily accessible and replace and how the ergonomics is. Look for a pitcher with a sturdy handle.

4. Capacity

How much water do you drink daily? It will influence the pitcher size you’ll purchase. A pitcher will work best for one or two individuals. If you’re looking for something for the family, you may want to consider a countertop water filter or an alkaline water ionizer.

What are the benefits of drinking filtered water?

1. Provides a clean source of water

The filtering process will remove toxins, chemicals and other contaminants that could potentially make us sick. Depending on where you live, tap water can range from drinkable to downright dirty.

In developed countries like the United States, drinking water from the tap is generally safe. But even if that is the case, there are factors out of our control that affect the drinkability of water. So unless you can test the water, you’re not sure how clean it is.

Having a tool such as an alkaline water pitcher gives you instant access to clean filtered water.

2. Tastes better

Try to sip water from the tap. How does it taste? Am I right that it tastes like metal? If your answer is yes, then you have what is known as hard water. As much as 85% of homes in the U.S. have hard water coming from the tap.

It’s not a big issue in terms of safety, but drinking water with a metal aftertaste can affect how much you drink.

Frankly, taste can be a significant factor in determining how much water you drink.

Drinking filtered water that tastes better will equate to a higher consumption.

3. Maintains our body’s pH balance

To stay healthy, the body needs to keep a pH balance of 7.4 on a scale of 0 to 14.

If we are stressed, tired or don’t eat healthily, our body turns acidic.

To counteract this, our body needs to work extra hard to alkalize minerals from the bones and tissues. One way to restore the right pH balance is eating alkaline foods – one of which is filtered water.

4. Less plastic waste

One of the significant downsides of buying bottled water is the amount of plastic waste. A better option for me would be making your filtered water and storing it in a stainless steel water bottle. This combo will result in much less plastic waste.

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