Best Blender Deals: Just In Time for Christmas!

There are a myriad of blenders available in the market right now.

Some good while others not so good.

What I’ll be focusing in this article are the best blenders available right now like Blendtec, Vitamix and the likes.

We’ll be looking at the best blender deals available. If your do a search on shopping sites like Amazon, there are literally hundreds of models available and going through each one can take a lot of time.

So if you don’t want to go through that hassle, you’re in luck – just scroll down below or use the table of contents section above to go to the section you want to read.

If you want a blender that will last for years then better pick something from a trusted brand.

And while these blenders may seem expensive, you’re actually getting a lot for your hard earned dollar.

For example the Vitamix blender depending on the variant has a warranty between 5 and 10 years.

Other brands don’t afford such peace of mind but if you buy in a reputable store like Amazon, extended warranties are available.

This is a big reason why I recommend you buying there.

Not only will I show you which blenders have the best deals but also an overview of each to give you an idea to what type of individual or families these blenders are best suited for.

Take note that you will need to click on the links to see the latest prices and discounts because of the dynamic nature of Amazon’s pricing structure that will change anytime.

Best Vitamix Deals

When it comes to blenders, Vitamix is the gold standard that other manufacturers chase. If you see clones that look like this brand, these are brands trying to one-up them and get market share.

What makes Vitamix good?

Their blenders are versatile machines capable of making more than just smoothies. You can also make soups, salad dressing, hummus, frozen desserts, nut butter and so much more.

Vitamix E310 Explorian

If you’re looking for a budget Vitamix (if there is such a term) then look no further than the E310 Explorian. It has the same features as the 5200 but with a pulse option.

This variant isn’t as big – it only has a 48 ounce container and comes with a shorter warranty.

But it has the same 2 hp motor found in the 5200 and same versatility that consumers have come to love.

This would suite smaller homes because it won’t consume as much vertical footprint.

A refurbished option is also available for around $80 less if you don’t mind getting something that isn’t brand new.

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Vitamix 5300 (Certified Refurbished)

The 5300 is an upgraded version of the 5200 that comes with the 2nd generation 2.2 HP motor. A brand new 5300 will cost close to $400. This reconditioned unit will give you more than a $100 savings!

If you don’t mind not buying something new, this would be a great option.

The 5300 comes with variable speed and a pulse switch – something that’s missing with the 5200.

It has a vented lid that allows you to blend soup without putting it on the stove because the friction from the high speed blades will heat it up.

One big downside to buying something used is the warranty. This machine only comes with 90-day warranty. But you can purchase an extended warranty of up to 4 years in Amazon if you want the extra peace of mind.

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Vitamix Ascent A2500

The Ascent A2500 is a slight upgrade over the entry level A2300. Both these variants have variable speed control, pulse and a digital timer.

Biggest upgrade in the A2500 is the 3 preset controls that will help you make smoothies, hot soup and frozen desserts hands free!

One thing you’ll notice with the Ascent is the modern design that’s easy to clean and very  intuitive.

LED lights make visibility excellent.

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Vitamix Ascent A3500

The Vitamix Ascent series is their latest and marries digital and analog features into a sleek and modern design that will fit inside most homes.

This variant is the top-spec in this latest product line that has all the bells and whistles any chef would want.

In additional to the variable speed and pulse functions, it also has 5 preset controls for making hot soup, smoothies, dips & spreads and frozen desserts. It also has a separate setting for cleaning the container.

Vitamix also makes it easy to access all the 500+ recipes thanks to the Android app. The $550 price tag seems expensive but this variant is a better deal in my opinion when you compare it to the Vitamix 750 that costs the same.

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Best Blendtec Deals

Blendtec is a close Vitamix competitor that offers blenders that are slightly cheaper but with comparable power.

The biggest difference between a Vitamix and Blendtec is the blade design.

Vitamix has a 4-prong blade with pointed tips. Blendtec has a 2-prong blade with blunt tips.

Another difference would be the Vitamix having a tamper and the Blendtec not having one.

Blendtec Total Classic with Fourside

The Total Classic with the Fourside jar is one of Blendtec’s entry level variants.

One of the biggest strengths of this is the six pre-programmed controls for various recipes like soup, shakes, crushed ice, ice cream and smoothies.

The Fourside jar has a total capacity of 75 ounces which is bigger than Vitamix’s 64 ounce jar.

It also comes with an 8 year warranty, one year longer than the Vitamix 5200, 5300 and 700 series blenders.

Under the hood it has a 1,560 watt motor with 3.0 peak horsepower.

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Blendtec Classic Fit

The Blendtec Classic Fit is the cheapest full sized Blendtec blender you can buy.

And it won’t cost you more than a mid-priced blender.

It comes with the same Fourside jar as the Total Classic but without the preset controls.

Even without the presets, this blender is pretty versatile thanks to the 30-second and 10-second blend cycle plus high and low pulse that gives you control over more recipes that require some precision.

This variant not only will make smoothies but also hot soup and even hummus.

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Blendtec Classic 575

The Blendtec Classic 575 is a full sized blender with commercial type power that costs less than $320.

This blender comes with a powerful 3 hp motor capable of crushing ice and making frozen dessert.

Combine that with the 5 side jar they call the Wildside that pulls ingredients down toward the blade – you’ve got a versatile machine.

It also comes with 4 preset controls for smoothie, self-cleaning, 60-sec and 90-sec increments plus a pulse function for good measure.

While this variant does not have a tamper, it comes with a spatula to help scoop out stuff like nut butter.

The Blendtec jar can withstand up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit.

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Blendtec Classic 625

The Classic 625 is an upgrade over 575.

It comes with the same 5 sided jar they call the Wildside. In additional to the Wildside jar, it also comes with the mini-Wildside for making smaller quantities.

The big pitcher has a 90 ounce capacity while the smaller jar has a 32 ounce capacity.

One big upgrade with this variant is the digital timer to help with consistency.

In addition, it also comes with 4 preset controls for smoothies, crushed ice, soups, juice and ice cream.

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Best Ninja Blender Deals

When Ninja came into the blending scene, they were primarily focusing on compact or personal blenders to compete against Nutribullet.

But as the years go by, their strategy somehow took a turn.

Right now, they also manufacture full sized blenders.

What’s unique about their products is the sheer number of attachments that often include food processing tools for chopping and slicing up veggies.

Ninja BL455 Personal Blender

The BL455 was one of Ninja’s first blenders to come out of the market.

It’s one of the first compact blenders that had real power thanks to the 1,000 watt motor that had a lot of torque.

This blender had sharp blades that were more solidly built when you compare it to a Nutribullet which helped it become one of their most popular products.

This variant comes with 3 “blending cups” all at varying sizes, a 12, 18 and 24 ounce cups.

When it first came out, it retailed for over $100 now it costs much less than that.

View Deal in Amazon

Ninja BL480D

The BL480D is the first compact blender to have preset controls.

If don’t know what a preset control is, it’s a feature put in there to tell the blender to run for a certain time period with set intervals when to turn the motor on and off.

So instead of you doing the task, the blender does it for you.

And the BL480 has two presets – blend and ultra-blend. It’s pretty simple blend will result in a smoothie with thicker consistency while the ultra-blend will result in more juice like consistency.

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Ninja Mega Kitchen System BL770

Most full sized blenders position the blade at the bottom.

The Ninja Mega Kitchen BL770 is different with the blades sticking on the sides of the pole.

While this layout isn’t very effective at blending, it does make it a good and cheaper substitute to a food processor.

This variant also comes with other attachments that include a mini-food process bowl and two 16-ounce Nutri Ninja cups for making single serve smoothies.

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Ninja BL942 with Auto IQ

The Ninja BL942 is more of a food processor than a blender because the main container has blades that are positioned at the middle rather than at the bottom.

But don’t let this dissuade you from picking this if you want to make smoothies because it also comes with three containers for making such. One of these containers is a double-walled stainless steel cup that helps keep frozen smoothies cool up to 4 hours.

What this blender brings to the table is versatility and the convenience of preset controls that can make smoothies or mix dough thanks to the mixing attachment.

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Ninja Chef Countertop CT805

The Ninja Chef Countertop CT805 is their first full sized blender with a traditional blade design at the bottom.

This beast has lots of power thanks to the 1,500 watt motor. And here’s another first, it’s the first Ninja blender with a tamper.

This feature allows you to make recipes with not much liquid like nut butter and frozen dessert.

The lid has a vent so it is possible to make hot soup with this blender. It also has 10 preset controls that eliminate guesswork and provide lots of convenience. In addition, it also has a pulse and timer functions to give you more control.

The 72 ounce pitcher makes this a great option for large families.

All of these features won’t cost you a ton – you can buy this for less than $140 which makes it one of the better deals right now for a full sized blender.

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Best Nutribullet Deals

Nutribullet was the first brand to make the compact blenders popular. You can say that they were a pioneer in that regard.

The explosion in popularity of compact blenders were largely due to their success. And while they don’t make the best compact blenders, they offer the more affordable ones costing less than $100 in most cases.

Here are some great Nutribullet deals available right now.

Nutribullet 600

The original Nutribullet for a certain time period was perhaps the most popular compact blender.

Not only was it small, it also had power thanks to the 600 watt motor which at the time was the most powerful.

Not until other brands like the Ninja came along, Nutribullet had the most powerful small blender available.

Unfortunately right now, that is not the case but the good news is these single serve blenders are cheap.

Remember that these blenders will only make smoothies and nothing else.

So if you’re looking something more versatile then go with the more powerful Ninja or even a Vitamix S50 that has more power and attachments.

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Nutribullet RX

After the first two Nutribullet blenders came into the scene, they thought it was time to change things up with all the competition around them.

Hence the Nutribullet RX. This is perhaps the most versatile Nutribullet to date in that it can also make hot soup.

Unfortunately this blender is only limited to making soups and smoothies and that’s about it.

It does not have any variable speed controls, pulse or preset options to make other stuff.

But it packs a lot of power thanks to the 1,700 watt motor and the vented lid makes it possible to make hot soup without heating it on the stove.

If you love your soups and smoothies – this is a great buy!

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Magic Bullet Blender

The Magic Bullet is one of the most compact blenders available right now. If it’s compact and cheap you want, this is a great option.

Like all Nutribullet blenders, this variant can only make smoothies and that’s about it.

The 250 watt motor is a bit small but it does a pretty decent job.

It won’t make a lot of smoothies so this will will suite busy single folks looking for something easy to use and clean.

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How to choose the right blender for your needs?

While a lot of brands claim that theirs is the best, selecting the best blender really depends on what you need.

One way to do that is to answer questions about your lifestyle.

How much are you willing to spend?

This perhaps is the most important question to answer. Are you willing to spend a few hundred bucks for something top-of-the-line? Or do you want something much cheaper, let’s say less than $100 but still does the job.

Doing this eliminates a lot of the options that are out of your price range and saves you time.

What are you making?

Are you making just smoothies?

Or do you want something more versatile that can do what a food processor does – something capable of making soup, sauces and even hummus.

The beauty of these newer blenders that come out is how much power it can dish out.

These machines are actually used by chefs in gourmet restaurants to make mouth-watering dishes.

Some brands like a Vitamix and Blendtec even give you a gourmet cookbook to help you get started.

How much are you making?

I’m talking about the quantity here. Are you making recipes for just one? Or do you have a big family of 6 or 7?

This will dictate the size of the blender whether to get something with a larger container or not.

One thing to note that blenders that have large a container don’t do as well making smaller quantities.

If you have a big family and need something to make recipes for 5 then by all means get something with a large pitcher because it’ll save you time.

To wrap up

These are just some of the best blender deals I can find online. Most of these are well-known brands which are tried and tested to last for years with warranties to back it up. If you think I missed something, please let me know in the comments section below.

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