Best Vitamix Alternative: 5 Cheaper Options to a Vitamix

When it comes to high-performance blenders, one of the first brands that come to mind is the Vitamix Blender.

There is no doubt that it is one of the best performing blenders in the market right now.

So much so that you have competitors like Blendtec recording videos how their products are superior to the Vitamix.

Vitamix’s success fuels this propaganda.

The biggest downside would be the price.

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Even the most basic variant will easily cost over $300. It is a lot of money for a blender.

Other brands have downright copied their design.

One such product would be the Cleanblend that utilizes the same blueprint – a powerful motor, good blade design, and tamper.

What I’m proposing are Vitamix alternatives that will not cost as much. But still, provide comparable performance that does not necessarily reflect the price difference.

Spec comparison of the Best Vitamix Alternatives

Pitcher capacity
64 ounces
1 – 45 oz.
1 – 30 oz.
62 ounces
1 – 6 cup
1 – 24 ounce
1 – 24 ounce
1 – 18 ounce
1 – 12 ounce
Preset blending cycles
7 years
1 year
5 years
3 yrs. blender
10 yrs. gear
1 year
1,400 watts
1,700 watts
1,800 watts
1,200 watts
1,000 watts

How to Choose One?

Choosing a Vitamix alternative can be tricky and confusing because of the sheer number of blenders in the market all competing for your business.

But if you follow these simple guidelines, you’ll be a step closer to finding one that will suit your needs. And defining those needs is critical in the selection process.

How much are you willing to spend?

What do you make most?

Is making nut butter a necessity?

How many people are inside your home?

Do you love to cook? Or make soup?

Do you often bake?

The answer to these questions often will help you narrow down your options to a more manageable two or three.

How much are you willing to spend?

Budget is the first thing you should sort out. This means setting a hard cap on how much you are willing to spend. It eliminates most of the competition that is out of your price range.


The thing to consider would be the motor. To be more specific, we’re talking about power. Having more power is certainly better than having an underpowered blender that can’t handle the rigors of everyday wear and tear.

Do you need a tamper?

Another feature to look for is the presence of a tamper. Vitamix I believe is a pioneer of this feature. All their products have this piece of plastic included.

Without going into fancy terminology, a tamper is a device that pushes ingredients down toward the proximity of the blade.

In recipes with even moderate amounts of liquid, a tamper isn’t a necessity.

But on recipes that have little to no liquid, this becomes an essential tool.

Pre-programmed Controls

Pre-programmed controls help users make a particular recipe over and over again with consistency because it turns on the blade at predetermined intervals.

Most mid-level to high-end blenders have this feature. And it’s something to look at if you make a specific type of dish every day.

This is also is a useful feature to have for restaurant owners who are looking for a tool that can make recipes like soup with a level of consistency expected by their customers.


Another thing to consider when buying budget blenders is the length of the warranty. For brands like Nutribullet and Ninja only have a one year warranty. The good news is Amazon offers extended warranties to all of these brands if you want more peace of mind.

Of all the blenders here, the Oster Versa has the longest with a 7-year warranty. Next on the list is CleanBlend with a 5-year warranty.


Modern blenders do much more than just making smoothies. The improvement in blade design and the powerful motors gives it more versatility than ever before. The blenders that on this list can also double as a food processor, capable of making soups, baby food, salsa dips, and much more.

Obviously, buying a more potent blender will cost more, so you’ll have to decide the right balance between price and versatility.

Our Pick: Oster Versa 1400

Early generation Oster blenders always had one of those heavy glass jars that weigh like a small dumbbell. And while these glass jars resist heat well, the weight can put a strain on the wrist and hands.

Thanks to advancements in technology their newer blenders now have lighter pitchers made from BPA-free plastic.

The Oster Versa represents a new generation of Oster Blenders that come with plastic pitchers.

Even at its price point, the Versa offers a lot for your dollar. It has 1,400-watt motor that rivals a Vitamix 5200.

Variable speed is available through a big knob at the middle. It has three pre-programmed settings that offer hands-free convenience for making smoothies, soup, or dips.

What type of user does an Oster Versa fit?

People who like to make a lot of smoothies, soups, spreads, sauces, and the occasional nut butter would benefit from the versatility it provides.

It also comes with a tamper that helps it make stuff like sorbets and homemade nut butter. Recipes that have little to no water content are possible with the Versa.

Quality control is another potential issue. Some of these include leaking pitchers and a tamper that’s too long.

Bottom line:

For the price, it’s hard to argue with the performance and all the features. The big question is how it holds up in the long run.

Soup Maker: Nutribullet Rx

Nutribullet was the first brand to add power to a micro-sized blender when they introduced the first Bullet to the market. Back then a 600-watt single serve blender was unheard of, and Nutribullet was a pioneer in that regard.

The Nutribullet Rx is their third generation blender after the Nutribullet Pro.

This is Nutribullet’s biggest and most powerful blender. This Nutribullet’s biggest and most potent blender to date with 1,700 watts on tap.

And in true Nutribullet fashion, they’ve kept the minimalist design with only a single button at the bottom.

This engages the pre-programmed 7-minute soup blending function – perhaps its most significant upgrade.

Aside from the upsized motor, the Rx also comes with the SouperBlast. This is a 45-ounce pitcher made from BPA-free plastic.

It comes with a vented lid that allows pressure to escape when the soup gets hot during the 7-minute blending cycle.

For making smoothies, it comes with two containers – a 45 and 30 ounce. The latter has a comfort lip ring so that you can take a smoothie to the gym or workplace.

Nutribullet also upgraded the blade. The new blade configuration has stiff, pointed blades that should last longer and not leak.

The blades in previous Nutribullets were blunt. It also had some play that was the primary source of leaks. This was the primary source of complaints from consumers from an otherwise excellent product.

Bottom line:

The Nutribullet Rx is great for two things – making soups and smoothies and nothing else. Refurbished units are available if you think the price of a brand new is too high.

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Vitamix Clone: CleanBlend

A brand new Vitamix 5200 costs over $430 in Amazon. That’s a lot of money to fork out on a blender even if you need all the functionality.

What if I told you that there’s a blender in the market right now that has similar features that costs a lot less?

Cleanblend is a replica of the 5200 in terms of product design. It has the same interface layout and has a little more power. One thing it has over the Vitamix 5200 is the pulse feature.

Even the pitcher looks similar only without the rubberized handle.

It also comes with a tamper that will allow it to make sorbet or nut butter.

Isn’t it cool?

If it’s capable of making nut butter then making stuff like green smoothies, salsa, and frozen dessert isn’t going to be an issue.

Bottom line:

This is probably the closest blender in this list to the Vitamix in terms of features and functionality. It’s got all the features that a 5200 has plus the pulse feature. Cleanblend also backs this up with a decent 5-year warranty.

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Better Than a Ninja? Oster Pro 1200

Here’s another Oster in this list and the cheapest option of the five blenders here.

This is another proof that you shouldn’t discount less-popular brands like Oster when going blender shopping.

At least for making smoothies, salsa or blending cold drinks, the Oster Pro 1200 is a great option thanks to its 1,200-watt motor and seven preset controls.

Oster says it can also make soup, but you’ll need to heat the ingredients first over a stove before blending.

This is a slightly different process compared to the Vitamix where you just put everything inside the pitcher.

I wouldn’t mind the extra step because of the price difference. You can buy an Oster Pro for literally a fraction of the cost of a Vitamix.

The biggest issue for any budget blender would be quality control issues. There some reports of leaking pitchers but others have refuted the claim saying you have to align the protruding ends of the rubber washer to the lines on the pitcher.

Another potential issue would be the weight of the pitcher. It’s a throwback to old Oster blenders that used glass instead of plastic.

Now whether or not this will be a problem would depend on the preference of the user.

Bottom line:

The Oster Pro 1200 is an excellent option if you want something with a little more versatility than a Ninja that costs less.

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A Smart Ninja: Nutri Ninja Auto IQ

In the world of compact blenders, there are two brands that people trust.

I’ve already featured the Nutribullet earlier and now let’s look at the Nutri Ninja Auto IQ.

The original Nutri Ninja did not have any preset controls. And this new version has two, the blend and ultra-blend.

You’ll get a 1,000-watt blender for less than $99! That’s cheaper than a Vitamix S50.

However, Nutri Ninja is one-dimensional in terms of what you can make. Unlike the soup-making Buttet RX, this blender can only make smoothies.

It can only make smoothies.

And you’ll always have to add water for it to work. Failing to add any liquid will overheat the motor and Ninja recommends adding liquid.

Those two preset buttons are there for hands-free operation.

Both options are only for making smoothies. Difference between the two presets would be texture. The blend option will produce a chunkier drink while the ultra-blend will result in something smoother.

Another issue would be the size.

This blender can only make limited batches of smoothies. Out of the box, you’ll get 3 cups at varying sizes – all for single-serve sizes. So this isn’t for families but only for single folks looking for something compact and easy to use.

Bottom line:

The Nutri Ninja Auto IQ is excellent for health-conscious individuals looking for a compact blender that makes single serve smoothies. You’ll get a sip and seal cover that allows you to take this from the blender to the office without using multiple containers. This saves on time and effort not having to wash after blending.

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To Wrap Up

You don’t need to buy a Vitamix if you can’t afford to. These five blenders offer varying types of features from the full-sized Cleanblend to a single serve Nutri Ninja Auto IQ.

All these cost much less than a Vitamix and would give consumers varying options depending on their needs.

When it comes to versatility and price, it’s hard to beat the Oster Versa. This mid-sized blender will not take up a lot of space but still packs enough punch to make nut butter and sorbet thanks to its 1,400-watt motor and tamper.

Gourmet soup lovers will love the Vitamix Rx. This super-sized bullet now has a 1,700-watt motor and a soup function that has a 7-minute cycle to make hot soup! It also comes with two smaller cups for making smoothies on the go.

If you are budget conscious, then go with either the Nutri Ninja Auto IQ or the Oster Pro 1200. Both of these cost way below $100. The main difference would be service size and physical size.

Nutri Ninja specializes in making single served smoothies while the Oster Pro can make larger batches of smoothies, dips, sauces and even soup.

If you feel that I missed on any blenders let me know.

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