7 Best Wheatgrass Juicer in 2019: Reviews and Comparison

We’ll be going in-depth in this article and look at the best wheatgrass juicers.

These machines work best at squeezing out green elixir from wheatgrass.

Health experts, nutrition bloggers, and even doctors believe that wheatgrass is a superfood.

And one of the best ways to consume it is through extracting liquid from it using a juicer.

Another way is by using a blender.

Best Wheatgrass Juicer

Yes, you can chew on it but that your jaw will get a thorough workout.

And you can’t consume wheatgrass whole, or else you may end up in a hospital somewhere.

It’s is also available in tablet or powder form. But if you’re seriously considering consuming this, the best way is drinking it fresh.

An Overview of the Best Wheatgrass Juicers

Here’s the list of the best juicers for wheatgrass juicing. It includes a mixture of masticating juicers and hand-cranked manual juicers.

BEST OVERALL: Samson 9005 Advanced

  • Compact design fits in most kitchens
  • Shallow learning curve
  • Great yield – better than the 8006


  • One of the cheaper options available
  • Few moving parts make it easy to clean
  • Long 15-year warranty

8006 ON STEROIDS: Omega NC800

  • The best option for the quantity of liquid it extracts
  • Larger the normal feed chute
  • Extended 15-year warranty


  • The cheapest option in this list
  • A versatile option that can make more than juices
  • Small footprint makes it suitable inside small kitchens

TWO GEARS: Samson Green Power KPE-1304

  • Only twin gear option in the list
  • Provides great yield when it comes to extracting leafy green vegetables
  • A great compact option for those looking for a twin gear juicer

BEST MANUAL OPTION: MJ445 Miracle Hand Juicer

  • All stainless steel construction will stand the test of time
  • An excellent option for making pure wheatgrass shots
  • Rubber soles gives it good stability


  • The second option that has an all-metal construction
  • The simple design is easy to assemble and use
  • Stainless steel finish will not rust

CHEAP MANUAL OPTION: Chef’s Star Manual Hand Crank Juicer

  • Budget alternative to the MJ445 and Chef Star Hand Crank juicer
  • Suction base gives it good stability
  • Excellent for making small quantities of juice

Our Pick: Samson 9005 Advanced

Samson 9005 Advanced Wheatgrass Juicer

In terms of buying factors, you need to consider:

  • Learning curve
  • How much juice it can extract
  • How it easy it is to clean

And the Samson 9005 advanced wheatgrass juicer nearly checks all the boxes.

The good

This machine has excellent yield thanks to the adjustable end cap that will put more squeezing pressure on wheatgrass.

One thing I like about this juicer is that the auger pulls the wheatgrass downward which makes the process easier.

Unlike twin gear juicers, you can make wheatgrass shots without having to add any hard ingredients like celery or lemon to push everything out.

Here’s a demonstration of the 9005 – parts included, assembly and cleaning…


Since it has very few moving parts, it takes less than 4 minutes to clean up.

Putting this together is also easy. You don’t need any special tools to put this together.


It isn’t the cheapest juicer, but if you’re serious about having wheatgrass shots every day, this is a good investment.

You can also make a bunch of other things like homemade peanut butter, almond milk, soy milk, and homemade pasta. This juicer is a versatile machine.

Bottom line: This juicer is hands down the best for wheatgrass in terms of efficiency, price, being easy to clean and overall quality. It just doesn’t just make wheatgrass but also other green juice such as celery, spinach, etc.

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Long Warranty: Omega J8006

Omega 8006

If you’re on a budget but still want to consume wheatgrass shots every day, this is probably your best option (unless you’re willing to use a manual hand-cranked juicer).

It’s number 2 because

It does not have the adjustable end cap so the yield will suffer a little bit.

Design-wise, this is similar to 9005. Both have similarly designed auger and screen. So both will be very easy to put together, take apart and clean.

When you compare it to a vertical auger juicer like the Omega VRT, it yields a whole lot more…

Here’s the best part; it comes with a 15-year warranty on the whole machine! When you compare that to the 9005 that only comes with 10 for the motor and 5 for the other parts, this is a bargain.

Bottom line: If for some reason you can’t afford the 9005, this is a great second option. Yield suffers a bit because it does not have the adjustable end cap.

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8006 on Steroids: Omega NC800

Omega NC800

The Omega NC800 is the J8006 on steroids.

What do I mean?

If you look at the dimensions, this machine is more massive. It has a bigger auger, bigger feed chute, and a stronger motor.

In addition to being massive and more powerful, it also has an adjustable cap.

It allows users to adjust backpressure manually and extract more from wheatgrass.

The higher the back pressure, the harder the squeeze.

It is a great option not only for making wheatgrass but also for making leafy green juice. It has excellent yield potential (even better than a twin gear juicer) because of the adjustable end cap plus it’s easier to clean.

Compared to a twin gear juicer, it has fewer parts to clean and more straightforward to put together.

The larger feed chute lessens the need to pre-cut.

You also can’t beat the price – at just under $330. It is cheaper than a twin gear juicer. And only $30 more than the 8006.

Yield won’t be too far off from a twin gear extractor plus you don’t have to burden yourself learning all the nuances of using one.

Bottom line: If you’re looking to juice more than wheatgrass this is a great option. It has the biggest feed chute of the 5, a strong motor that is capable of squeezing hard produce like carrot and the price difference between this and the 8006 isn’t too far off.

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Budget Alternative: Kuvings NJE3580

Kuvings NJE3580

Kuvings has produced a long line of good quality juicers, actually and the NJE3580 is not different. I highly recommend this for making wheatgrass shots because it is a single auger extractor which is the best type of juicer you can use for this purpose. This machine is cheaper than the Omega 8006 but since it has a shorter warranty – only five years which is why I ranked this a few places lower than the 8006.

Like the 8006 it does not have an adjustable end caps, yield will be less than juicers equipped with one.

For people looking to juice wheatgrass on an electric juicer but don’t have $300 to spend, this is an excellent “budget” alternative as it costs just a little under $250.

And you get a lot for the $200, including nozzles for making different types of pasta. Since it comes with a blank-plate attachment, you can also make nut butter.

Bottom line: The Kuvings NJE3580 is the cheapest of the 5. If budget is your prime concern, get this. It also has the shortest warranty so keep that in mind.

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Two Gears: Samson Green Power KPE-1304

Samson Green Power KPE-1304

The KPE 1304 from Samson is one of the more affordable twin gear juicers right now in the market.

It also excels in terms of yield because it has an outlet adjusting knob that adjusts backpressure.

Like what I’ve said earlier, this puts more pressure and squeezes produce tighter thus yielding more juice.

John Kohler calls this the best twin gear juicer for wheatgrass.


This machine is fully capable of juicing wheatgrass with one caveat. You’ll need to add something hard (like a carrot) at the end to push all of the wheatgrasses out.

It is only a minor issue, but it does prevent you from making pure wheatgrass shots unless you don’t mind throwing a few leaves out.

A bigger issue here would be the learning curve – putting this together isn’t as easy as the other single auger juicers in this list. The biggest one would remember to line up the two gears everything you put this thing together.

It also is not the easiest juicer to clean because it has a lot of moving parts.

Bottom line: The only twin gear juicer in their product line, it has the steepest learning curve, but once you learn how to use it, the effort will be worth it.

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Manual Hand Cranked Wheatgrass Juicers

For folks on a tight budget, manual hand cranked juicers are the way to go. These extractors are excellent because you don’t need electricity to use them, they’re compact, and you can bring them where ever you go.

The beauty of a hand-cranked wheatgrass juicer is you don’t need a lot to make a shot.

Of course, the downside is you’ll need to work out your arms to make juice – but it is good exercise, so it is still healthy.

Before considering a manual wheatgrass extractor, you’ll have to remember that these machines have limitations:

  • It will take longer to make juice
  • Your arms will get sore
  • Don’t expect it to make a lot of juice unless you’re willing to crank for hours
  • Stainless steel variants are expensive but will last a lifetime

MJ445 Miracle Hand Juicer

Miracle MJ445 Wheatgrass JuicerMost manual hand extractors you’ll see on shelves are plastic.

Yes these juicers are cheap but there’s a risk of breaking any plastic part if you’re not careful.

The MJ445 is all stainless steel – everything from body to auger.

The rubber soles gives it a reliable and stable base so it doesn’t slip.

It also explains why it is expensive – over $120, easily one of the expensive models out there.

The best thing about a stainless finish it won’t be as prone to staining compared to plastic, and you can put it in a dishwasher.

To see how this works watch the clip below.

You’ll notice that this machine is easy to put together and to crank it does not take a lot of effort, the key is not overloading the feed chute with too much, or it will be a pain to crank.

More importantly, you don’t need a lot of wheatgrass to make a shot – which saves you money. You can also use this to juice other leafy greens like arugula or kale.

If there is a downside aside from the price, it would be the low clearance. It limits the type of cup or saucer you can put underneath it.

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Handy Pantry HJ Hurricane Stainless Steel

Handy Pantry HJ Hurricane Stainless Steel Manual Wheatgrass JuicerHandy Pantry HJ Hurricane is one of the bestselling hand cranked juicers in Amazon thanks to its stainless steel finish.

One of the strong points of this extractor is the simplicity – there are very few parts that you need to put together. It’s the auger, strainer, cap and handles.

If you look at the video, in terms of yield, it did not extract too much juice from the amount of wheatgrass put in. When you compare it to the MJ445, it feels lacking in this area, and one consumer who reviewed this mentioned that it could the auger design that had a sloppy fit.

Since this juicer is stainless, you can wash and then air dry. It will not rust, and you can clean this in a dishwasher.

Since there are few parts, it won’t be difficult to disassemble and clean. It makes up for the time it takes to extract juice.

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Chef’s Star Manual Hand Crank Single Auger Juicer

Chef's Star Manual Hand Crank Single Auger JuicerChef’s Star is probably one of the cheapest hand cranked juicers you’ll find that has relatively good quality.

Unlike the two models featured above that has a clamped base.

This one uses a suction type base that could degrade over time if you’re not religious in cleaning it (some consumers have complained about it).

Here’s a little demo on how it works on a carrot.

Unlike the other two products above it, this product is plastic so it may not last as long.

If you use too much force, the plastic may break.

Here’s how it will work on wheatgrass.

The critical thing to remember is not to overload the feed chute so it will not be too difficult to turn the handle.

Also, make it a habit to clean the suction base and the surface you’ll use it on, so it does not degrade too quickly.

It is a great budget option for people wanting to juice leafy greens or wheatgrass without spending a lot of money. As with all manual extractors, expect a workout.

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How to choose a good wheatgrass juicer?

You’ll have a few options here.

The first option would be manual wheatgrass juicers where you use your hands and arms to crank a lever to extract the juice.

There are also electric variants that speed up this process, but these are more expensive.

If you’re looking to make wheatgrass shots, don’t even look at centrifugal juicers or cold press juicers as these machines don’t have the capability to extract juice from it.

Juicing wheatgrass is possible but only as a part of a recipe, not pure shots.

You’ll have to look at either the manual, horizontal auger or the twin gear juicer.

I’ll separate the electric and hand powered wheatgrass juicers as it is not fair comparing them side by side.

Some features to consider:

  • Adjustable end cap: It’s a feature that allows users to adjust backend pressure and squeeze more juice out.
  • Easy to clean: The less moving parts there is, the easier it is to clean a juicer.
  • Learning curve: Twin gear juicers have a steeper learning curve because these machines have more moving parts which make it more challenging to put together and take apart.
  • Size: There are different size options. Choose one that will fit on the countertop inside your kitchen.
  • Price: You’ll have to set a range of how much you’re willing to spend to narrow down your options.

Sometimes those factors don’t go hand in hand so you’ll have to prioritize which one is more important for you.

The Verdict?

If you can afford it, your best option would be getting an electric wheatgrass juicer because these provide constant power and more consistent results.

These machines not only work great on wheatgrass but also for making green juice in general.

Most of the options here use a single horizontal auger system that’s easy to put together and clean.

Our recommendations

The best of the bunch would be the Samson 9005 because of it’s price and adjust-ability. It’s one of the few juicers with an adjustable end cup that increases yield by up to 30%.

But increasing pressure makes it harder to push down ingredients inside the chute.

If you want something more versatile, then opt for the Omega 8006 because it comes with various tools that will allow you to make frozen desserts, crush seeds, chop/mince ingredients and make wheatgrass juice.

It’s a bit more expensive than the Samson 9005, but it comes with the industry best 15-year warranty.

For folks who don’t mind spending a bit more money then the Omega NC800 would be a smart option. It’s bigger and more powerful than the 8006. And it has an adjustable end cap that means this will yield more than the former. It comes with the same versatility as the 8006 only with a bit more size.

Twin gear is another option

The Samson Green Power is one of the most affordable twin gear juicers available and has made our list as one of the best.

A twin gear juicer is an excellent option if you need yield and versatility that this extractor brings to the table.

The downside though is that these machines are harder to clean and put together.

Should you decide to go the manual route, I like the Miracle Hand juicer because it’s all stainless so it’s durable and will not stain.

Unfortunately, it’s also expensive, but this juicer will last a lifetime because it won’t rust.

If you want something cheaper, then try the Chef Star is a good option.

Unlike the other two manual juicers that use a clamp to hold it in place, Chef Star uses a suction cup. It provides a stable base as long as the surface is clean.

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