Breville 800JEXL Juice Fountain Elite Review: 800 watts of Power

My biggest concern when using a centrifugal juicer is the heat that it can generate because it spins at such a high speed.

This heat can kill the enzymes that are present inside the liquid.

Breville claims that the 800JEXL only produces a meager 1.8F of heat that will protect the enzymes which is why you drink juice in the first place.

Breville 800JEXL Juice Fountain Elite Review

The wide mouth feed chute means less pre-cutting and less time spent preparing juice.

This is a big reason why this juicer is so popular.

One thing you’ll notice about this beauty is the die-cast steel body that is great to look at which explains the high price tag.

But despite the hefty price, people are still buying this and leaving rave reviews on the performance.

Scroll down to see why this juicer is a favorite in Amazon.

A quick look at the features of the Breville 800JEXL Juice Fountain Elite

  • Powered by a heavy duty 1,000-watt motor
  • Die-cast steel body
  • Stainless steel micro mesh filter basket
  • Blades contain titanium and a stainless finish
  • Two speeds – low (6,500) for soft ingredients and high (13,000) for harder ones
  • A motor has overload protection
  • Direct feeding system (meaning the cutting disk is directly below the feed chute) maximizes yield
  • Locking arm prevents the motor from starting if it’s not in place
  • Comes with a large capacity pulp catcher and 1-liter juice jug with froth separator
  • 3″ feed chute
  • 1-year warranty
  • 16.5″ tall
  • BPA free

The good:

  • Housing is all metal (great to look at)
  • Large 3” feed chute
  • A 2-speed setting for added versatility
  • Has titanium-plated cutting disk which will last for years
  • Great at extracting juice from hard vegetables like carrot or beet (also great in terms of yield with leafy greens)
  • Large juice jug

The Bad:

  • Very expensive
  • Noisy (though the low setting isn’t as loud)
  • Oxidizes juice fast because it sucks in a lot of air
  • Short warranty

What to expect from this Breville?

The 800JEXL is designed to last for years. Its body is made from die-cast metal, the blades of the cutting disk have titanium inside it, and the mesh filter is also stainless steel.

This juicer is designed to last for years. The base has a nice die cast finish that is resistant to rust. Inside, the cutting disk has a titanium with a stainless steel finish so that this thing will shred big time.

Nearly everything is metal, except for the pulp catcher, juice jug and cover that’s made from plastic.

One big drawback is the short 1-year warranty, so it’s something to think about.

Breville 800JEXL Features

The large pulp collection cup and 1-liter juice jug allow you to make larger batches in one go.

There’s no need to empty the pulp catcher just to make a liter of juice.

It has a wide 3” feed chute which for me makes all the difference between using this juicer and not using it at all.

A wide feed chute lessens the need to pre-cut fruits like apple or pears which will save you 15 to 30 minutes.

Busy moms or professionals would love this because all they need to do is dump everything in the feed chute and juice will come out.

It is straightforward to use.

Just don’t forget to cover the feed chute because pulp tends to fling back out.

This juicer will work best on

Hard ingredients like carrot and watery produce like apple.

The stainless steel micro mesh filter does an outstanding job in separating pulp from liquid and has an above average yield when juicing hard stuff like carrots (more on that later).

While it will struggle with leafy greens, there are techniques that you can use to extract more. One would be stuffing all the leafy greens inside the feed chute and then using the pusher to stuff it down toward the blade.

Another would be wrapping it around something stiff like celery or carrot. The goal is to increase mass so that the blade has something to shred.

How long can you store juice?

Since the motor spins at 13,000 rpm, lots of air goes into the juice speeding up the oxidation process.

You’ll notice that when the juice is coming out, air comes out with it.

So you’ll need to drink juice IMMEDIATELY AFTER extraction.

You can store it, but in my experience, it’ll last only a day tops before it goes bad and that’s pushing it. If you want to store juice longer, then go for a Kuvings.

Do you need to chop?

There isn’t much chopping needed. If your recipe includes celery, carrot, apple, and kale then there is no need to pre-cut, feed everything through the feed chute and watch it extract delicious fresh juice.

This combination of speed and minimal preparation is what makes this popular among consumers.

How much juice can it extract?

In a juice off done by John Kohler, he compared the Omega VRT350HD to this juicer juicing carrots, tomatoes, and some leafy greens.

When he juiced around 2.8 pounds of carrots, Breville produced slightly more juice at 2.6 cups, 0.1 cups more than the Omega.

Omega’s juice was slightly pulpier while the Juice Fountain Elite produced a virtually pulp-free carrot juice.

The Omega juicer was able to extract half-a-cup more tomato juicer versus the Breville with the latter having more foam.

There was also color separation whereas the juice from Omega had more vibrant color and tasted better.

The last test was leafy greens, around 14 ounces (with one carrot).

Surprisingly the Breville was able to produce just about the same amount as the Omega, around 1 cup.

Joe Cross demonstrates how to make his famous Mean Green Juice with Breville…

Of course, the best tool for the job would be a slow juicer.

Is it hard to clean up?

It comes with a cleaning brush that makes cleaning the cutting disk and micro mesh filter much easier.

The rest of the parts you can rinse off or put it inside the dishwasher but only in the top rack, so it does not warp.

Even without using a dishwasher you’ll be able to clean this up within 5 minutes or less.

You can lessen cleaning time by putting a plastic bag inside the pulp catcher, so you don’t need to wash it afterward.

See it in Action

Comparing this and the cheaper Juice Fountain Plus JE98XL.

Based on this side by side comparison, the Juice Fountain Elite yielded a few ounces more, but it isn’t by much.

One thing to note when juicing large pitted fruits like plum, don’t forget to take out the pit or it’ll wear out the blades faster and may damage the motor.

What type of juicer is this?

It is called a centrifugal ejection juicer because it uses a high-speed spin cycle to force juice out of produce.

It has a pulp catcher where all the ejected pulp goes to hence the term centrifugal ejection.

How long is the warranty?

It only comes with a one year warranty.

Is it BPA free?

Yes, Breville used BPA free components in this juicer.


When you use the high-speed setting, it is quite loud, but in the low-speed setting, this is surprisingly docile.

Not whisper quiet, but you can have a conversation without yelling.


This variant is only available in the 110/120 volt version so if you live outside North America; you’ll need to buy a voltage regulator to use this.


  • 12.5” x 16.5” x 9” (width x height x depth)
  • Weighs around 9 pounds

Product Specification

Model800JEXL Juice Fountain Elite
Feed chute size and shapeRound

3" in diameter
(revolutions per minute)
Low speed - 6,500rpm

High speed - 13,000rpm
Disk type Titanium reinforced blades (on the cutting disk)

Stainless steel micromesh filter
TypeCentrifugal juicer
Juice vegetables?
Juice fruits?
Cant it make nut butter?No
Can it make sorbet?No
Can it grind coffeeNo
Can it process foodNo
Dishwasher safe
Except for the juice cover
Warranty1 year
Motor1,000 watts

The package includes

  • Wide food pusher
  • Juice cover
  • Motor base with safety lock and 1000 watt motor (brushed stainless steel finish)
  • 34oz juice jug with froth separator
  • Large pulp container

Consumer Rating

This bad boy received well over a thousand reviews on Amazon alone, and it got an A rating in

The good points

Most of them raved about how easy it is to use and how fast it is. The powerful 1,000-watt motor and the 3” feed chute handles most produce relatively easy.

Some consumers who bought this also had slow, and twin gear juicers and what they most appreciate about this is there is little to no pre-cutting needed.

They were able to drop a whole apple or orange and then push it through the cutting blade using the wide pusher.

The process is very fast, mainly if you try to extract juice from hard ingredients like a carrot.

When you compare this to a twin gear juicer like the Green Star, it is easier to assemble and disassemble because there are fewer parts.


Yield would vary depending on the produce used, but the consumer who compared the two products said it wasn’t too far off but don’t expect twin gear efficiency here.

Short warranty is a concern, but this remains a favorite product in online stores. If you’re concerned about the warranty, Amazon offers an extended warranty for up to 4 years for just an extra $40.

There is minimal risk of breaking anything unless you do something crazy with it.

After sales service

Customer service is also excellent. One consumer said that when he discovered leaking in his juicer where the catch bin meets the plastic lid, he just called customer support and they sent him a free return slip. So he could return the juicer in exchange for a brand new one without paying for anything.

The blades are very sharp as evidenced by the number of consumers who said it worked through all the produce they put in very fast.

It has titanium inside so it will last for years.

Noise is a big concern for some, but others said it wasn’t as bad as a Vitamix blender. Again, watch the videos I shared above, and you decide for yourself if it is too noisy for you.

Take note that if you use the low setting, it isn’t as loud.

Where can I buy this?

You can buy this juicer from Amazon for less than $230. And if the short warranty concerns you, extended warranties are available of up to 4 years.

Another reason to buy in Amazon will be the 2-day free shipping if you sign up with Prime.

To Wrap It Up

This juicer is excellent for people looking at a very fast juicer that will last for years.

It has an all-metal, die-cast stainless finish that will be resistant to rust. Blade and cutting disk have titanium inside the stainless finish so it will not rust over the long haul.

The 1-year warranty is a downer, but people would still buy and leave a high rating because of the high-quality material used.

Most of this juicer is stainless steel so it will resist corrosion well and will not stain. So longevity will not be an issue.

Outside the motor that is the least likely to break (in big juicers like this) the only thing you’ll need to replace over time is the cutting disk that could get dull over time.

Price is another downer as this cost twice more than the Breville JE98XL, with the Elite have the more powerful motor, an all-metal body plus it yields a tiny bit more than its smaller brother.

The choice is up to you.

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  1. Hello, I bought one of those awesome machines, but now I don’t know if I can use it here in Brazil. The voltage here is 220 volts. Can I use it? And do you guys have a manual in Portuguese?

    Thank you very much!

    Ps: People loved it here, b cause it seems easier to wash then the ones we have around… :) Just a feedback! ;)

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