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20 Health Benefits of Avocado Backed By Research

Did you know that avocado is one of the most nutritious and versatile fruits (yes, this is a fruit!) available? As I have been researching power foods, avocados continue to crop up as some of the most beneficial, nutrient-rich foods you can find! For example, did you know that avocado contains a lot of healthy […]

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6 Foods That Are Proven to Help Prevent Cancer

Filip Gjorgoski who owns Hausmittel gegen angina reached out to me to share 6 foods that are proven by research to help prevent cancer. Thanks Filip for this awesome piece. Statistics show one in every three people will get cancer in their lifetime. However with a healthy lifestyle scientists and nutritionist claim that cancer can […]

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How to Wash Produce (Washing Fruits and Vegetables)

Washing is perhaps the most important step in food preparation. Let me repeat that, it’s the most important step! …Especially if you like to eat them raw. You can say washing is your last line of defense against any food borne disease and possibly pesticide exposure that could lead to cancer. Statistics say that 80% […]

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Juicing Tips for Beginners

You aren’t here by accident. The fact that you are searching for juicing tips tells me that you are serious about your overall health. Thank you for doing your due diligence and researching before you start. You may have heard a lot of stuff that people have said about juicing. Media have mentioned how bad […]

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