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Cuppow Ball Mason Jar (Wide Mouth) Review

One of the biggest challenges with juicing is how to properly store juice to maximize shelf life because let’s be honest not everyone has time to prepare. So it makes sense to whip up small batch and keep it cool inside a refrigerator so you’ll just grab and go. Fresh juice don’t contain preservatives so it’ll […]

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25 Healthy Foods That Will Help You Lose Weight

According to diet is the most important component in fat loss. How important? Around 80% to 90% of the success or failure will be attributed to what you put inside your body. Remember how the saying goes “You are what you eat”. You’ll lose weight by dieting alone and eating the right kind of […]

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13 Research Backed Health Benefits of Spirulina

You might have not heard of Spirulina but it may be the one of the best kept secrets in the world of nutrition. This so-called “blue-green” algae thrives on alkaline water bodies and with the magic of modern technology it is transformed into tablet or powder form. It is rich in vitamins, minerals, fatty acids […]

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5 Simple Immune Boosting Juice Recipes

Over the past few decades, we may have come a long way as far as the development of cutting-edge technology and new fangled inventions are concerned. On the contrary, however, our health has suffered a huge blow. Hurried lives, cholesterol-rich diets, poor habits and our improper daily routines have all contributed greatly to our weakened […]

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Warm Golden Milk

This beverage is perfect for healing in the winter! Turmeric improves digestion:  Curcumin, the active ingredient in turmeric, works by stimulating the liver and gall bladder to do the essential work of bile production. Studies have found curcumin reduced symptoms of bloating and gas in people suffering from indigestion. As a digestive aid, turmeric is […]

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