Cuppow Ball Mason Jar (Wide Mouth) Review: Great for Storing Juice

Cuppow Mason JarOne of the biggest challenges with juicing is how to properly store juice to maximize shelf life because let’s be honest; not everyone has time to prepare.

So it makes sense to whip up a small batch and keep it cool inside a refrigerator so you’ll grab and go.

Fresh juice doesn’t contain preservatives so it’ll only last up to 3 days inside the fridge. If you freeze it, it’ll last longer.

But make sure to use a masticating juicer because a centrifugal suck a lot of air and oxidize juice quickly.

One of the best tools for storing juice is a mason jar

Store bought juices contain preservatives that extend the shelf life. It also goes through a process called pasteurization.

This process heats food to a certain temperature to kill potentially harmful bacteria like Salmonella.

Also, these contain added sugars that are the main culprit of type-2 diabetes, high cholesterol, and weight gain.

A few weeks ago Cuppow contacted me and asked if I could test out their product the Cuppow Glass Travel Mug.

Of course, I said yes, and here it is because I want to see their new product and I’m getting something for free (disclaimer).

I previously had purchased a ball mason jar and here are two of them side by side. This one is a little bit wider but a tad bit shorter.

Comparing Mason Jars


In terms of how much liquid it can store.

Both will roughly be able to store the same amount of liquid – 16 ounces or 475ml.

The wide mouth feature though makes it much easier to clean, especially if you have bigger hands.

Another feature that I find interesting is the plastic lids that come with this. The other mason jars that I have don’t have this, and it makes drinking juice or whatever drink you put in there a little less messy.

Lastly, this comes with a sleeve

At first glance, it may just look like eye candy. But I think it’s a nice addition because it gives you a more solid grip and prevents slippage (if you’re drinking something cold).

This will come in handy if you’re drinking something hot like coffee or tea. It adds that layer of protection that keeps your hands from the heat.

If I may nitpick, Cuppow could come up with something that has a handle or a mug designed for hot beverages.

Overall this is a solid product that you could use to store your fresh smoothies, juices or protein shakes that you could bring to work or at the gym.

Product Details

  • BPA free drinking lid
  • Liquid capacity of 475 ml or 16 ounces
  • Made in the USA
  • Dishwasher safe

If you want to buy this head over to and with the promo code “SAVE25” you will get a 25% discount (non-wholesale purchases only). This deal runs only through Friday so grab this while you can.



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