How to Juice Celery (or any other fibrous green) in a Vertical Slow Juicer

In a lot of the juicer reviews I’ve read, people would complain that vertical slow juicers suck because it can’t juice celery. Why? It clogs the pulp ejector port; it is a valid complaint.

But the truth is a lot of manufacturers don’t properly educate people on the proper way of prepping vegetables before juicing them, particularly in extractors like these.

I’ve had my share of bad luck juicing celery in my Hurom juicer (yes, it clogged, and it was a pain removing the pulp), but after researching about this, I’ve found the correct technique in doing so without clogging the juicer.

Why do fibrous greens like celery get clogged in a vertical juicer? Because the pulp ejection port is small and it turns at a 90-degree angle, so if you put in celery whole, chances are the fibers will clog and get stuck.

How to then can you prevent clogging?

It’s simple; you need to chop the stalks into smaller chunks, around half to an inch long. You need to do this so the fibrous strands of celery will not clog the ejector port.

Sure it will take a few minutes to prep, but it will save you a ton of time in terms of pulling out the fibers and unclogging. Trust me, I’ve been there and done that.

Here’s how I did it

celery chopped

Here’s how the pulp ejector port looks.

no clogs

See no clogs.

Here’s a bonus recipe if you want to get started.


  • Three celery stalks
  • Two green peppers
  • Two green apples


If you’ve tried this recipe, please let me know in the comments section below.

7 thoughts on “How to Juice Celery (or any other fibrous green) in a Vertical Slow Juicer”

    1. Green pepper has a more neutral flavor, it isn’t strong so nothing to worry about in terms of taste. Try to combine it with apple and lemon, it’ll completely mask the flavor but you’ll definitely smell it in your juice.

  1. Hi Garrick,

    I also added bitter melon and cucumber to the recipe and makes it a “5 Green Juice”, it tastes good.

  2. Hi Garrick! Thank you for this explanation. Also, is a thicker juice normal? I went from a Breville to a Hurom Slow Juicer and the consistency of the juice is quite different! I would love your input!

  3. I learned this with my Champion juicer – works much better when I chop up the celery – and less effort overall than having to disassemble the juicer to unclog it from whole celery fibers. Very helpful post for celery enthusiasts!

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