Juisir: Juicing Minus The Cleaning

One of the biggest issues with using a juicer is the time it takes to clean it up.

Depending on the type of juicer you have, it’ll take 2 to 5 minutes to disassemble and clean.

Juisir Review

There’s a new product in the horizon that claims you don’t have to clean it.

Lots of press

Juisir has been making some buzz thanks to the likes of Forbes Mashable, Digital Trends, Yahoo and Gadget Flow to name a few who talked about it.

What they claim may sound outrageous so you’ll have to read through this article to see if it’s worth looking at.

So far this is not yet available on sale and can be purchased on a pre-order basis through Froothie.com’s U.S. and Australian sites.

Man behind the juicer

This product is a brainchild of Leo Chen who according to Forbes is the heir to Hubei Yitai Pharmaceutical.

They’re a major company in China that supplies a major ingredient used by soft drink and energy drink companies in the United States.

You can read the whole article at Forbes to get an idea who Leo.

So the bigger question is does this product really work?

Is it a viable alternative to a traditional slow juicer given the asking price?

Let’s go over these one by one.

How does this juicer (or juisir) work?

This product works the same principle as a press juicer. But there are differences in design.

A press juicer like the Norwalk uses a hydraulic press to literally crush a linen bag filled with shredded produce at over 6000 Psi.

Juisir according to their creators utilize a leverage principle to create torsion to produce up to 8 tons of force. According to John Kohler this is the maximum force that it can make before bending the metal parts.

To put that in perspective, an elephant stepping on you will produce 4 tons of force. The Juisir produces twice that amount at 8 tons.

Speaking of metal parts, this machine uses aircraft quality metal or aluminum. So quality shouldn’t be an issue.

In essence this product will work like a press juicer only much cheaper.

You’ll need to load all the produce inside a bag (more on that later) then slide the bag in the machine then press a button.

The machine the proceeds on crushing the bag twice to extract the maximum amount of juice possible.

Only 8 ounces of juice

Biggest downside to this product is the small amount of juice it can make. A filled up bag will only yield about 8 ounces of juice more or less. This process takes 90 seconds to finish.

A better version of Juicero

At least they don’t make you purchase pre-filled bags that cost $5 to $8 which is crazy. It’s sort of like a Keurig but for making juice.

Juisir has the option of using a disposable bag or reusaable bag that will last the lifetime of the juicer. However only the outer part is reusable, the inner cotton bag is disposable. You can only use it once or twice.

Even so I still like that they give you this option and not limit you to only the recipes they provide.

You can make your own recipe using fresh ingredients.

Still need to chop

This machine isn’t entirely prep-free.

There is still chopping needed in order to fit the produce in the bag.

In order to extract the maximum amount of juice, you’ll need to chop ingredients into smaller pieces.

Watch this video from John Kohler to see what this product is all about.


How does it work on leafy greens?

I’m a big advocate of juicing greens so this is a big concern for me.

In the video below, Neil of Natural Juice Junkie shares a Skype call he had with the creators of the Juisir demonstrating how much juice the Juisir can extract from a bag of spinach.


What I like about the Juisir?

1. Excellent yield

Since this is a press juicer, it’ll extract the maximum amount of juice. Unlike centrifugal juicers that spin several thousand RPM to force juice out, this juicer literally squeezes it out not once but twice.

You’ll notice that the pulp left is almost paper thin and it’s about as dry is it gets.

2. Great tasting juice

Juicing from a press juicer will taste the best compared to a centrifugal and maybe a slow juicer.

3. Almost zero oxidation

Press juicing is the purest form of juicing because there’s zero rpm involved. Almost no air will go inside the juice and this means you’ll be able to store it longer.

4. Cheaper than a Norwalk

The latest Norwalk Model 290 will cost over $2200. This will cost around $850 at Froothie. You’re able to enjoy a good quality press juicer for a fraction of the cost.

5. Only 90 secs to extract juice

The whole process of squeezing juice will only take 90 seconds. Granted you’ll probably spend more time chopping everything up. But heck chopping is something you’ll need to do in any juicer so it isn’t a big deal.

6. Pulp free juice

You don’t need to use a sieve to strain out excess pulp. The holds in the bags are fine enough to keep all of the pulp inside.

Even with the fine screen, juice from a slow juicer is has lots of pulp in it. And you’ll have to run it through a sieve for it to be pulp free.

What I don’t like?

1. Only makes a small amount of juice

With the bag filled, this machine will only be able to extract 8 ounces of juice. One trick is to chop ingredients into smaller bits to increase yield.

This means that if you have a recipe that includes more than one ingredient let’s say beet, apple and spinach. You’ll have to use three separate bags and this brings me to the next point.

2. Reusable bag isn’t entirely reusable

I’m not sure how much these cotton bags cost but it’ll add up. This is perhaps the biggest downside of the Juisir against a slow juicer where everything is reusable.

3. Expensive

Paying 850 for a single purpose machine may be too much for some. But when compared to the Norwalk, this isa bargain.

To Wrap Up

I like the idea of not having to clean my juicer after using it. It’s something that usually takes me a few minutes to finish so it does not take too much time. But if you really don’t like this task then you have to look at this product.

Juisir’s idea isn’t new. Juicero was the first to conceptualize this design but Juisir took it to the next level.

Instead of forcing you to buy pre-made bags ala Keurig, they give you the flexibility of using your own produce.

But this isn’t perfect by any means. The inside of the reusable bag isn’t reusable at all so there are additional costs to using this. And you can only juice 8 ounces at a time.

The main point of buying this product is to drink best tasting juice possible through a press system that’s much more affordable than a Norwalk.

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