Nutribullet Pro Review – Now With More Power Than The Original Nutribullet

If you’re looking for a blender strictly for making smoothies and can’t afford one of them $400 dollar Vitamix monsters consider the Nutribullet, manufacturers of perhaps the most compact blender in the market right now.

The Nutribullet Pro 900 is an upgrade over the best-selling Pro 600.

The biggest difference between the two machines is the motor.

This machine has more muscle under the hood, a 900 watt motor represents 50% more crushing and slicing power the than previous 600 which already has gotten rave reviews.

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The best part, the price difference isn’t too much. For a little over $20 more you can have this compact machine capable of making smoothies with some frozen fruit in it.

Features at a glance:

  • Improved crushing power with 900 watts on tap
  • 15-piece set with all the pieces interchangeable
  • Very easy to use – push and twist to blend, push to activate pulse function
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Comes with a 150-page recipe booklet
  • 14″ tall
  • 1 year warranty


  • Compact but still powerful
  • Comes with a variety of cups and containers that are interchangeable
  • Motor strong enough to cut through thougher fruits and vegetables like apple, wheatgrass and celery
  • Comes with an extra blade just in case
  • Comes with a large 32 ounce container if you want to make a large batch of smoothie
  • Flexible enough to make salad dressings if you choose so


  • Plastic parts can be a concern long term
  • Short 1 year warranty
  • Pretty expensive for a compact machine
  • Complaints about leaking
  • Loud

What to expect from the Nutribullet Pro?

Nutribullet Pro Features


Don’t let the compact size fool you the motor equipped in this machine is powerful enough to crush ice. The 900 watt motor spins the 4 prong blades at an insane 25,000 rpms.

When you open the box, you’ll 2 jars – a large 32 ounce jar and a 24 ounce jar . It also comes with one extractor blade and a flip-top on the go lid just in case you want to bring your smoothie to work.

The power of the motor is strong enough to make smoothies as well as tougher stuff like whole fruits and even wheatgrass which the original Nutribullet can’t do. If you’re concerned about the price difference, it’s about $25 in Amazon.

Here’s a short overview of what to expect from Rackboyz Fitness…

You’ll also get a 150 page book in full color that contains smoothie and other healthy recipe ideas.

In terms of warranty, Nutribullet will give this a one year warranty on the whole machine an optional 4 year warranty can be purchased directly at the NutriLiving store.

What can this make?

Even with the bigger motor this Nutribullet won’t be as versatile as a Vitamix or Blendtec. However it will do a pretty good job when it comes to smoothies or shakes.

Let’s have a look at the 900 making smoothies…

You’ll notice that it will drip if you don’t tighten the lid enough. Also make sure not to go over the fill line or liquid will seep through the blades (more on that later on).

Even though this machine can blend frozen fruit, it won’t be as efficient in crushing ice. It can crush ice but it won’t go through everything so I will advise you against doing such.

Is it easy to clean?

Combine the compact size of the cups and blade this probably is one of the easiest blenders to clean. Make sure to clean as soon as possible after usage.


It comes with a manufacturer’s one year warranty on the whole unit. You can purchase an optional 4 years extended warranty directly from Nutribullet.

Product Specification

ModelMagic Bullet NutriBullet Pro 900
Motor900 Watts
Jug capacity1 - 32 ounce

2 - 24 ounce

1 - 16 ounce
Blade Type4-prong stainless steel
Max RPM25,000
Preset blending cyclesNone
Crush ice?
Warranty1 year

Where can I buy this?

You can buy this compact blender in Amazon for less than $60.

And you can get free 2-day shipping when you enroll in Prime.

Another reason to buy would be the availability of an extended warranty up to 4 years. And it is a great option for blenders such as this with only a 1 year warranty.

What do consumers think?

This machine a bestseller for good reason. A big reason would be Nutribullet addressing some of the issues in the 600 series. The first generation Nutribullet had a small cup and lacked extra blades just in case one broke.

Nutribullet now includes a 32 ounce jug in the package if you want to drink more juice.

Some positive points

One of the biggest reason consumer’s loves this machine is its compactness.

This model in particular weighs just 7 pound. It is small enough to keep inside the cabinet and yet strong enough to blend frozen fruits.

Consumers have used this not only for making smoothies but for other purposes as well like grinding coffee, making salsa dips and protein shakes.

Some issues

There are complaints about leaking and liquid seeping through the blade down the base.

This could be an issue of overfilling the containers way past the max line. Doing so will put a lot of stress on the seals that will loosen up over time.

This is the primary cause of leakage in most cases. reported in 2014 that during their durability/stress test, the blades cracked when they tried blend 7 large ice cubes 45 times.

Nutribullet obviously defended this I won’t go into that in detail here in this review, just click on the link to read it all but to show you how it does in crushing large chunks of ice watch the video below…

This blender isn’t meant to crush ice. The blades aren’t stiff or sharp enough to crush ice consistently. If you force the issue, there’s a big risk of the blade cracking. There’s also the possibility of the motor overheating.

Cnet also reviewed this machine and while they liked how it performed they didn’t like the plastic components that prevent this from being a “true multitasker”.

They preferred the Nutri Ninja over this. They also didn’t like the way Nutribullet marketed this machine saying that there way way to much hype behind it.

To Wrap Up

This machine is perfect for people looking for a mid-priced compact blender that will make smoothies for one or two people. The compact size makes this a great travel buddy just in case you still want to have your healthy smoothies on out of town trips.

The large 32-ounce jug included will allow consumers to make more without having to reload – a major issue with the 600 series.

There will be concerns about durability because it’s components are plastic but this is one of the better options right now under $100.

Make sure to tighten up the lid properly to prevent leaks and do not go over the fill line or liquid will leak through the blades in the long run.

Overall, this is a very good product that is capable of making smoothies, protein shakes, dips and sauces at a fraction of a price that a full sized Vitamix would cost you.

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  1. Can i have the Blender latest model , anything better than Nutribullet Pro 900 Series [ Magic ] and available in Malaysian market

  2. Excellent, comprehensive review of the 900 series, thank you. I have a 600 series myself and it’s very interesting to see the benefits of the more powerful machine. I’m quite tempted to splash out after reading this!

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