Ninja Professional NJ600 Review – A Bargain Blender And Food Mill In One

A decent 1,000 watt blender these days would cost easily cost over $100.

And if you want something that’s similarly sized to a Vitamix 5200, expect to pay close to $200.

The Ninja Professional series blender (NJ600) comes in at a great bargain. If you buy this in Amazon, it will only cost a little over $80.

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But you’ll do note that it only comes with a 1 year warranty.

Regardless, it is a good bargain.

This blender is a great option for people looking for something with lots of capacity with power to boot. It’s motor is strong enough to make smoothies or chop veggies for a big family.

Thanks to the large 72 BPA ounce jug.

Inside it you’ll find 3 rows of stainless steel blades that helps it blend fruit and vegetables at a pretty good consistency.

Let’s see how this bad boy performs.

Features at a glance

  • Equipped with a strong 1,000 watt motor
  • 72 ounce BPA-free jug
  • 6 stainless steel cutting blades
  • The jug, lid and blades are dishwasher safe
  • Lid comes equipped with a pour spout
  • Dishwasher safe
  • 16″ tall


  • Large pitcher is great for large families
  • Great safety features
  • Strong 1,000 watt motor
  • An affordable option if you can’t afford a Vitamix or Blendtec
  • Lid has a pour spout (saves you time)
  • Great for crushing ice or pulverizing peanuts


  • Lid and pitcher only goes in one way so there is a bit of a learning curve in assembling this machine
  • Short warranty (only 1 year)
  • Doesn’t chop vegetables evenly
  • Plastic gear is a concern long term
  • The lid doesn’t have an opening where you can add ingredients in the middle of the blending cycle, you’ll have to stop the machine remove the entire lid

What to expect from the Ninja NJ600?

This blender only has three speeds – low, medium and high along with a pulse option so this is easy to use.


The downside is you’ll have to figure own through trial and error which of the speed settings will work for making smoothies or hummus.

Make sure to read the manual to help you get up to speed with how things work. And the what settings to use for specific recipes.

Big pitcher

It comes with a big 72-ounce pitcher so this is great for large families of 5 or more.

Unfortunately it is tall so you’ll need some vertical real estate fit this under a cabinet. If it does not fit then you’ll have to remove the pitcher from the base.

Chances are if you have a large family, your home is bigger so this should not be an issue.

Inside the pitcher are 6 blades in 3 separate rows (2 blade per row). Ninja did this design to prevent it from stalling under heavy load.

This ensures more blade contact with whatever ingredient you put in.

Here are the features in a nutshell…

This arrangement makes this machine pretty good for making crushed ice or blending smoothies consistently every time.

Speaking of what it can make let’s jump right at it.

What can this make?

With the 6 blade system, this machine can pretty much make anything except mixing dough. It does not have enough torque and lacks the tools to do so.

But in terms of making crushed ice, blending fruit or vegetable smoothies and making salsa, the motor and blade should be up to the task.

Let’s see it in action.


Here’s a demo on frozen fruit…

Just for the record, I do not recommend blending only fruit as these are rich in sugar that makes you fat. Instead try to mix in more vegetables.

Anyway back to the topic, it does seem to have enough power blend frozen fruit and make a fairly consistent smoothie.


You can also use this to make your own margaritas…

If you want to save money buying oat flour, the Ninja can help you with that using oats…

Chow Reviews liked how it performed when making smoothies but disappointed with the salsa dip.

So it’s not all sunshine but remember this is already consider a budget blender that costs more than $400 less than a Vitamix, expecting a Vitamix-like performance isn’t realistic at all.

For crushing ice, making smoothies, homemade oat flour or margaritas, this machine will perform.

Is it easy to clean?

Like all blenders it is straight up to clean this. Just fill it up halfway then pulse it half a minute then rinse.

Or if you want to be more thorough, you can take off the blade then hand wash it then throw it in a dishwasher.

Product Specifications

ModelNinja Professional Blender (NJ600)
Motor1,000 watts
Jug capacity72 ounces
Blade Type6 blade system (3 rows)
Preset blending cycles3 speeds + pulse
Crush ice?
Warranty1 year

Consumer Reviews

This is one of the more popular blenders in Amazon with over 2,500 reviews and most of the consumers loved how it performed.

Powerful motor

First and foremost is the power, the 1,000 watt motor is more than enough to go through frozen fruit and crush ice.

Blade looks like that of a food processor

If you look at the blade design, it has a similar design with a food processor.

This means that you can use this as a food processor for chopping veggies for a salad or coleslaw. But you’ll have to chop a lot to take advantage of this feature.

Caveat in making smoothies

In terms of making fruit smoothies, this machine do its best work. But if you’re going to add leafy greens like kale, the results maybe disappointing depending on what you want in your green smoothie.

Don’t expect Vitamix-like results

If you’re expecting consistent results, this blender may disappoint because the blades aren’t capable for such. It does not create a vortex that pulls ingredients down to the base.

That’s why the Vitamix is such an expensive machine because not only will it last for years, it’ll also give you consistent results.

It doesn’t matter if you want to make a fruit smoothie or a green smoothie, the Vitamix will deliver.

But not everyone can afford a Vitamix so if you’re not really particular with consistency with your green smoothie then this is a good alternative.

Add more water for better results

One consumer mentioned that one of the secrets to blending greens to a smoother consistency is to add more water, maybe one or two cups.

In the long term there could be a couple of issues to watch out for.

First, there have been complaints about the plastic pitcher breaking when the consumer blended frozen strawberries.

Other complaints

Another complaint was even scarier. Dislodged blades that damaged the pitcher.

But remember that these two instances are just a minority, if you read the majority of the reviews, most of them didn’t mention any of these issues. This could be a case of a lemon product.

Another long term issue would be the plastic gear that’ll wear out faster than steel.

Again, this is another concern long term because plastic gears wear out faster than metal gears so take this into consideration when buying this product.

Still a good performer

In terms of performance, the Ninja Professional NJ600 will perform, though not as well as a Vitamix but for the affordable price you’ll get nearly the same power along with a large pitcher.

If you’re priority is just to have a large blender to make smoothies for your big family this is a good option.

Where can I buy this?

You can by this in Amazon for less than $90! And it comes with free 2-day shipping if you join Prime. Unfortunately, it isn’t brand new, the only thing available right now is a refurbished NJ600. The good thing is you can purchase extended warranties from Amazon for up to 4 years for that extra peace of mind.

To Wrap Up

This would be great for people looking for a large sized blender that would be able to make smoothies, crushed ice, hummus or whatever chop vegetable dish they can think of for a large family of 5 or more.

The 72 ounce jug is large and the 6 blade system works in a way that it pulverizes ingredients down to a smooth consistency.

All this for just a under $80 in Amazon which is a pretty good deal for a blender that has this much power.

Biggest downside would be the one year warranty but this will last a few years if you use it properly.

With that said, avoid using this for high stress jobs like mixing batter or making nut butter.

Bottom line for making stuff like protein shakes or smoothies or hummus, this machine will rock. Buy with confidence.

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