Nutribullet 600 Review – The Original Compact Blender

Before the Nutribullet came out, blenders were usually thought of as large and clunky appliances with large pitchers made either from plastic or glass (I had an Oster with a really heavy pitcher).

I don’t think the term single serve blender has been coined yet.

Nutribullet 600 Review

But when Nutribullet revealed their first product around 2012, it radically changed how people think of blenders.

No longer do you need to carry a heavy blender just to make a smoothie for one or two people.

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This is single biggest reason why this is the biggest reason why this product is still the best selling countertop blender in Amazon.

And will likely to continue to be in the future despite the leaking problem that you will find out later.

Even other brands that traditionally don’t manufacture single serve blenders like Vitamix and Oster now have their own versions. This is because of the overwhelming success of the Nutribullet.

Their main competitor, the Ninja was also born out of competition. All this new products only means good things for use consumers because we have more options.

A quick look at the features

  • Powered by a 600 watt motor
  • If you buy the package in Amazon you’ll get one milling blade, one emulsifying blade, one tall cup (24 ounce capacity), two short cups (18 ounce capacity), two re-sealable lids and a pocket nutritionist cookbook
  • 1 year warranty with an optional 4 year extended warranty
  • Capable of making smoothies and protein shakes for one or two people
  • 12.2″ tall


  • Small footprint is great for small homes
  • Comes with different sized cups depending on your need
  • Easy to clean because of its compact size


  • Very noisy
  • Short warranty
  • Leaking issue with the original blades (newer blades should not have this issue)

What to expect from this bestselling blender?


Losing excess weight is 80% diet and 20% exercise. Without the proper diet, shredding off excess fat isn’t sustainable just by exercising. Even NBA players who burn in lots of calories in practice and games will gain weight if they don’t watch what they eat.

This compact blender is a great way to add nutritious fruits and veggies into their diet.

I like these extractors because they retain fiber that is beneficial to the gut.

Unlike other compact blenders that came along with it, this blender has a powerful motor that will pulverize most fruits and veggies (just add enough water).

The best part? The only thing you have to clean is the blades since you can use the cup to drink. Or even bring it with you wherever you go to work or to the gym.

Here’s the accessories you’ll get…



The nutribullet provides you with a tool that you can use to make single serve smoothies in a compact package that is easy to store.

More powerful motor

This is the first blender that Nutribullet produced and when it came out, it had a 600 watt motor that at that time was the most powerful in the market.

It’s this combination of power and small size make this one of the most popular blender in the market today.

Other brands like the Ninja, Vitamix, Oster and countless others have imitated not necessarily their design. But their concept of single serve blender which hasn’t been heard off before.

It can only make juice

Unfortunately, this Nutribullet is limited in terms of that it can make. It only can make two things – smoothies and protein shakes. Great for gym buffs looking for a machine that can make their pre or post-workout meal.

This blender is simplicity personified. When you look at it there are no controls, no nothing.

To turn on the motor you attach the cup on the base then twist to activate the motor.

It only has single speed and has no pulse function so there is no way you can use this to make any sort of salsa that requires a pulse function.

What can this compact blender make?

First off let me set your expectations so you won’t be expecting too much. This blender is primarily designed to emulsify fruits and veggies. In short, it’s designed to make smoothies and protein shakes. That’s about it.

The compact design allows you to quickly make single serve smoothies which in turn makes it easy to wash afterwards because the cups are compact and the blade housing small.

You can also take these cups and bring them with you to work. Or to the gym if you like to work out.

Now back to the topic, aside from making smoothies, Nutribullet also included a milling blade that allows you to pulverize dry ingredients like coffee beans, seeds and stuff like that – more on that later.

But first let’s start with the basics. Here are some videos to demonstrate the power of this compact blender.


This is a demonstration of a smoothie recipe with mostly fruit and wheatgrass extract from wheatgrass…

As you can see, blending fruit is not a problem of a Nutribullet but you have to chop them into bite sized pieces so that the blades can reach and chop ingredients.

You could blend wheatgrass but don’t add in too much. If you want to get the most out of wheatgrass, you are better off using a juicer specifically designed to extract juice from wheatgrass. Only buy one if you’re planning on adding wheatgrass every day to your smoothie.

Here’s a tougher recipe to make in any blender – a green smoothie and this is a good test on the blending capabilities of the Nutribullet 600.


Another green smoothie recipe with frozen fruit – this recipe contains spinach, broccoli and some chopped celery stems to along with some carrot and frozen berries…

I like the idea of adding frozen berries because it helps the drink stay cool because the longer you run the blender it can heat up the drink so it’s best to just run the blender for a minute tops.

Make sure to add water

Always add enough water so the motor does not overheat.

Here’s why…

Two reasons – if you don’t add water, your smoothie won’t come out smooth and you’ll burn out the motor.

If you like to add berries to your juice or smoothies take note that this won’t be able to fully grind blackberries and raspberries. But for blueberries or strawberries it won’t be a problem.

The Nutribullet also comes with a milling blade specially designed to grind dry stuff like coffee beans which you’ll see in the video below. You can’t use this to make smoothies.

As you can see the milling blade did a pretty good job grinding whole coffee beans. If you’re not particular with the grind quality of coffee beans then the nutribullet is a good substitute for a coffee grinder.

Grinding flax seed?

Here’s another demo for the milling blade – this time grinding flax seed…

The results is pretty good, the milling blade pretty much pulverized the flaxseed into a fine powdery state.

Here’s another recipe that I didn’t think the Nutribullet can make – ice cream. This recipe includes frozen banana, blueberries, greek yogurt, mango and almond milk. No added sugars, no preservatives, all natural.

Technically this is a smoothie but if you put in an ice cream maker it becomes ice cream.

The Nutribullet 600 was more versatile that I though it is. The milling tool adds to the versatility and allows this to blend recipes that have no water in it like sorbet or grind beans.

Is it easy to clean?

The small size of the cups and blade make this very easy to clean plus it’s dishwasher safe. But make sure to store it on the top rack only.

Just make sure to rinse off the blades and cups after using it so ingredients don’t dry up.

Product Specifications

Motor600 watts
Jug capacity2 short cups (18 oz.)

1 tall cup (24 oz.)

1 emulsifying blade

1 milling blade
Blade TypeSteel
Preset blending cyclesNone
Metal Drive?No
BPA FreeNot specified
Dishwasher SafeYes
Crush ice?No
Nut ButterNo
Warranty1 year
(with an optional 4 year extended warranty)

Customer Reviews

This machine is a bestseller for a reason, it does the job well – in terms of making smoothies, protein shakes and grinding dry stuff like coffee beans.

Consumers loved the compact size and the affordability. You don’t need to spend more than $100 for a good quality blender.

Add water

But you have to follow certain guidelines when using this machine like adding water to every recipe you put in and not going over the max line.

You have to add water to any smoothie recipe you make because it helps the blades pulverize everything that’s inside, water helps by adding lubrication so to speak it helps things move around.

This in turn minimizes the chances of the motor burning out.

Remember that this machine isn’t a Vitamix that has a heavy duty motor that can withstand blending without any liquid inside and this is the main difference between the two machines.

Leaking issue

Another problem that I encountered reading the reviews would be the leaking problem. It is both a design problem and a usage problem.

If you regularly go over the max line the pressure will build up and the blade assembly takes the brunt of the pressure which results to leaking.

The source of the leaks isn’t actually from the seals on the sides but the actual blade itself. The bearings to be more specific. Overtime the bearing and seals loosen up and liquid seeps through causing the leaks.

It’s something that didn’t sit well to some consumers but for some they overlook it.

Newer blades are better

This issue appears to happen on early releases of the Nutribullet 600, newer blades are reportedly stronger and have better reinforcement. The angle of the blades are also different.

Be sure to check with the seller if the blades are the latest version that doesn’t have the leaking problem.

If you’re have an old Nutribullet with the leaking problem try purchasing the new blades that are better reinforced.

Where can I buy this?

The best price I found was in Amazon where you can buy this for around $50 and it comes with free 2-day shipping if you join Prime.

Don’t bother with the extended warranty in Nutribullet as you can purchase an extended warranty through Amazon for less.

Refurbished units are also available for slightly less. But these only come with a 90 day warranty.

To Wrap Up

If you’re a busy individual who wants a machine that can quickly make smoothies without having to deal with a whole gamut of preset controls then the Nutribullet 600 is the blender for you.

It is simple to use and yet powerful enough to make most smoothie recipes in a minute.

The compact size makes this a great travel companion on out of town trips and if you live in a small home or a mobile home perhaps. This will not take up too much space.

I’ve already warned you about the potential issues, particularly the leaking blade. Even with this issue, it didn’t prevent this from becoming a bestseller in Amazon.


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