Nutribullet RX Review – The Most Powerful Nutribullet

The days of weak compact blenders are over.

When the Nutribullet introduced their first product it made waves in the industry that time – thanks to the powerful 600 watt motor which is unheard of when it comes to compact extractors.

Nutribullet RX Review

Fast-forward 2 years to 2016.

The Nutribullet shocks the world again and its main rival the Nutri Ninja with the Nutribullet RX.

This “compact” blender packs a lot of punch.

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If you think that the Vitamix S30 is a powerful compact blender, think again because the RX has more juice under the hood.

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How much power?

Well it has as much power as the Vitamix 750 and 7500 or around 2.3hp of blending power (it actually is slightly more powerful than the Vitamix).

Why add so much power to a compact extractor?

If you look at the product catalogue, the RX makes more than just smoothies.

It comes with a brand new attachment. A “SoupBlaster” pitcher specially designed to make hot soups from scratch.

That means you do not need to put it hot liquid just to heat up the ingredients.

What I like from this pitcher is that it has a vented lid that allows heat and steam to escape. Plus it comes with a spout that makes pouring easy.

Everything in this compact blender just got bigger – even the cups that came along with it.

A quick look at the features

  • Powered with a strong 1,700 watt motor that produces 2.3 hp
  • Comes with a SoupBlaster pitcher that allows you to make hot soups
  • Also comes with a 45 ounce oversized cup, a 30 ounce cup, an extractor blade and a stay fresh lid
  • One year warranty with an optional 4 year warranty (if you buy it from Nutribullet’s website)
  • It comes with a hands-free smart technology – this means when you drop in the cup or pitcher on the motor base, the motor automatically starts the blending cycle
  • Also has a soup making preset option that runs through a 7 minute cycle until your soup recipe is hot (150 degrees)
  • 15.2″ tall
  • One year warranty


  • Powerful motor (probably the strongest compact blender right now in the market)
  • Now capable of making soup in addition to smoothies
  • New redesigned blades


  • No pulse option – you have very little control which makes this hard to use for chopping or making salsa
  • Expensive
  • Short warranty (but extended warranties are available in both Amazon and the Nutribullet website)
  • Consumers still complain about leaks on the blade and rubber gasket breaking apart
  • Very noisy

What to expect from this soup making blender?

You can consider this a Nutribullet Pro on steroids as everything that comes along with this is up-sized including the most crucial part, the motor.


Whereas the old Pro model “only” comes with 900 watts, the RX almost doubles that output.

And now has 1,700 watts of blending power or around 2.3 horsepower. This is more than full sized blenders like the Vitamix 5200, 750 and 7500 as well as the Blendtec.

You might think why put in such a powerful motor in a blender that can only make smoothies.

Soup Blaster

If you look closely at the product features, this blender will not only make smoothies. But it comes with the so-called “SoupBlaster” pitcher that allows it to make hot soup.

Yes, you heard that right, the Nutribullet, a brand famous for making just smoothies can now make hot soup.

It does this using a single preset button located at the bottom of the motor base.

Soup blending preset

If you drop in the pitcher on the base, in typical Nutribullet fashion it turns on the motor but when you press the preset button it triggers a blending cycle that lasts for 7 minutes. This is long enough to heat up any soup recipe that you put in.

I’ve even seen some consumers putting in frozen ingredients inside and it actually made it warm.

Another difference would be the blade design

Comparing the RX and the old Nutribullet blades

The old Nutrubullet had blunt edged blades that seemed to be loose when you touch it, this new RX has a more solid blade with sharp edges that in theory will cut better.

What the heck is smart technology?

If you look at the box it says there that this blender has smart technology.

What this means is that when you attach the cup or pitcher on the motor base it automatically turns on the motor and runs through a blending cycle.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re making soup or smoothies it does the thinking for you.

We will find on in a bit if this technology really works so just scroll down to see how it works.

How is this different from the previous Nutribullet Pro?

Well, let’s see in this video by Mooch from The Fitness Radar.

The biggest difference according aside from the larger motor is the soup making functionality that the RX brings to the table.

Another subtle difference would be the addition of a wrench that allows you to take off the blade or tighten it something that the previous model did not have which contributed to the leaking problem.

What can this make?

This upsized blender does three things very well.

First it can make smoothies, in this first demo it consists of mostly frozen fruit so it’s a good barometer on how it does with frozen stuff. Of course you will have to add water.

You’ll also see in this video how the smart technology works.

Unlike the previous Nutribullet where you have to manually start and stop by twisting the cup.

You don’t need to do that with the RX. When you attach the cup or pitcher on the motor base it automatically starts the motor and stops at set intervals until the cycle is over.


Watch the video below…

Now the advantage of this of course is it’s basically hands free, you can just drop in the cup or pitcher, do other stuff in your kitchen then come back when it’s all done. The downside to this is you have less control in terms of how long or how short you want to blend your smoothie or soup.

In terms of soup, this video explains in detail how the SoupBlaster attachment works, what you need to do to activate the 7 minute soup cycle and how it heats up liquid.

Note: If you read the manual, Nutribullet says not to put in any hot ingredients as the spinning blades will heat up the ingredients inside.


Now here’s an actual demonstration of making soup using the SoupBlaster.

The first recipe I’ll share here is cream pea soup using frozen peas and chicken stock as its base ingredients…

One interesting note thing shared in the video is that if you want to make another soup recipe using the soup blaster you have to wait a full minute in between cycles so you don’t burn out the motor.

If you want to make a third soup recipe, you have to wait for an hour at least. All of these things are in the manual but just in case you don’t like to read the manual, I’m sharing this with you right now.

Almond Butter

While I don’t believe that the Nutribullet can make almond butter with the best of them, here’s a demo I found on the YouTube.

Now making almond nut using the RX isn’t a straightforward process. You will have to use the spoon to scrape off the blended nuts on the sides.

Unlike the Vitamix that comes with a tamper, this machine does not have that feature so you have to do the scraping off manually.

If you’re okay with all the manual labor then I guess you can use this to make nut butter. Just don’t expect it to be silky smooth as would in a Vitamix.

Here’s a great tip shared in the video. Instead of using your hands to remove the blades, why not use the wrench that comes with this product. Doing this prevents the o-ring from coming off.

The last recipe I’ll share with you is the Anti-Inflammatory green juice that consists of pumpkin seeds, avocado, Swiss chard, cucumber, turmeric spice, pineapple, coconut water and garlic.

Even with the amount of chard put it the RX was able to blend this recipe into a smooth finish.

Is it easy to clean?

Unlike full sized blenders where you just fill up the pitcher with water and pulse it for half a minute, cleaning this blender will require a different technique.

The first thing you need to do is rinse off the blades and cups immediately afterwards. You will need to remove the rubber gasket on the underside of the blade housing to remove any food residue that may spoil.

Nutribullet does not specify whether or not this is dishwasher safe so just wash it manually just to be on the safe side.

Product Specifications

Motor1,700 watts
(2.32 HP)
Jug capacity1- SoupBlaster pitcher

1 - 45 oz. oversized cup

1- 30 oz. short cup
Blade TypeStainless steel
Max RPM37,000
Preset blending cyclesSmoothie mode (default)

Soup making mode
Metal Drive?Yes

*but it uses a plastic housing
BPA FreeYes
Dishwasher SafeNo
Crush ice?Yes
Nut ButterNo
Warranty1 year
(with an optional 4 year extended warranty)

Customer Reviews

When it comes to blending performance there is little doubt that the RX performs whether making green smoothies or blending hot soup. This machine simply does the job.

Can make more

Consumers loved the bigger cups because it allowed them to make more and the SoupBlaster pitcher. Well let’s say it’s one of the popular add-ons to this product.

Biggest issue I found was the leaking blade because of the rubber gasket coming off. This was a complaint by a number of customers. Some sent photos of the gasket shredded or caught up on the blade.

But if you carefully read the other reviews, they said that the loose rubber gasket was because of misuse. Instead of using your bare hands to tighten and loosen up the blade base, you have to use the blade remover attachment.

How to clean the rubber gasket?

Rubber gasket should be removed and cleaned after every use to remove any residue left that may spoil.

Here’s a video I found on how to take off the rubber gasket for cleaning using a butter knife…

Blending with Henry says you have to wash it after every use but you can do it once every other use just make sure to rinse off the blades immediately after using it so food particles don’t dry up.

Where can I buy this?

You can buy this in Amazon for less than $120 and it’ll be eligible to their free 2-day shipping if you join Prime. Extended warranties are also available of up to 4 years if you want that extra peace of mind.

To Wrap Up

This next generation Nutribullet blender is great for folks looking to make homemade soups in addition to making smoothies and protein shakes.

It only has one preset control which is the soup making button.

If you press this, it will go through a 7 minute cycle that will blend and heat up the soup up to 150 degrees.

Even with the limited functionality, it does two thinks well which is make soup and smoothies.

You just have to be mindful of the potential issues down the road if you don’t follow the instructions in the manual like using the blade extractor tool to remove the blade from the cup.

Or pitcher and waiting for a full minute in-between 2 consecutive soup blending cycles.

Make sure to read the manual carefully before using this. It will save you a lot of headaches down the road.

3 thoughts on “Nutribullet RX Review – The Most Powerful Nutribullet”

  1. Hi ..I am into health and would like to start making smoothies that include not only berries bananas and peanut butter but also dates and such..I am also not one who likes to take things apart to clean them so I was considering a Vitamix tho’ it is much more costly…but if it will make my life easier I don’t mind spending the extra money…and I don’t like the potential leak issue the nutribullet RX has..

    What are your thoughts and thank you for such a thorough and in depth analysis!

    Steve Starkman dds

  2. Hi Steve… Go for a Vitamix if cost isn’t a factor. I love the versatility it offers plus it has a wonderful warranty even for a refurbished one at no additional cost.
    If you shop qvc, they usually have good deals with 6 easy payments on a credit card or if that doesn’t appeal, there are other sources available. I think Williams-Sonoma is offering 170.00 off right now. You might give them a look online . Sams club or costco offer different ones or if you go to a fair,you can get awesome deals thru their demo’s.. it just depends on what you want. I couldn’t decide between the touch button or the dial.. the sales people at Williams Sonoma were wonderfully patient with me and showed me the different models and we talked a lot .I loved seeing it in action up close and personal. I
    went with a dial as I have more control, so it’s all in what works best for you.
    Best of luck in whatever your choice.

  3. I love Nutribullet RX
    Is the best invertion for my health and family!
    I have 3 year with the sistem and work excelent!
    Thanks Nutribullet! Me and family love you!!

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