Omega BL630 Review – A New Challenger to the Vitamix

Omega BL630 ReviewOmega has been well known in the market for manufacturing high quality juicers.

This inc;udes the bestselling 8006 and NC800. And now they’re out to challenge big blender brands Vitamix and Blendtec.

Will they succeed?

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Today, we’re going to be looking at the Omega BL630 variable speed blender.

Spec wise it can go toe-to-toe with the Vitamix’s of the world thanks to the powerful 1,400 watt motor (3HP). And the 64 ounce Tritan Copolyester Container that according to Omega is “unbreakable”.

Omega is so confident about their pitcher and blade design that they say this does not need any plunger.

A staple of all Vitamix blenders which allows it to make stuff like frozen desserts and nut butter.

How does it perform?

And does Vitamix have to worry about it eating into its market share?

Let’s find out in this review.

First order of business is looking into the features:

  • Powered by a 3HP motor (has 1,400 watts of power)
  • Has variable speed control, timer and an infinity function
  • Top cover has a removable cap so you can easily add ingredients mid-cycle
  • Stainless steel blade assembly
  • Unbreakable tritan copolyester container
  • Fitted with an overload shut off system
  • Touch pad controls
  • 10 year warranty (1 year if used commercially)
  • Gripper feet for added stability on the countertop
  • 19″ tall


  • Fitted with a commercial quality motor
  • Cheaper than a Vitamix or Blendtec
  • Long warranty
  • Has variable speed for more precise blending
  • Versatile – you can make salsa, soup and crush ice


  • A very tall blender – you will need to measure your kitchen overhangs to make sure this fits
  • Even if it’s cheaper than a Vitamix it is still an expensive piece of machinery

What to expect from this commercial grade blender from Omega?

As you’d expect from an Omega product, you’ll be getting something of high quality and functionality.

Spill proof lid


The pitcher or carafe as others like to call it is made from Tritan Copolyester plastic and is BPA free.

On top of the pitcher is a square lid that will not pop off in the middle of a blending cycle because it has latches on the side.

Add ingredients easily

In the middle of it has smaller lid that you can pop off. So that you can add ingredients in a middle of a blend cycle. It also doubles as an air vent when you blend hot recipes like soup.

John Kohler says that the pitcher by itself weighs around 3 pounds. And the “most heavy duty” among the blenders in the market right now.

Let’s see if Vitamix has anything to say about that.

At a bottom of the pitcher is a stainless steel blade with metal gears. This ensures that this machine will last for years with a 10 year warranty.

If you look closely at the blades, it looks similar to the blade of a Blendtec…

Omega BL630 vs Blendtec Blades

Commercial quality motor

The BL630 comes with a 3HP motor that Omega says is commercial grade. And they offer a one year warranty if you use this in a commercial setting.

Very few brands offer this kind of warranty which is impressive. And it shows commitment to their clients.

Very tall

This blender is around 19 inches tall from the base of the motor to the tip of the pitcher. So this will not fit under standard size counter top cabinets.


For this product, Omega adapted the principle less is more. And if you look at the control panel it only has 4 buttons and two rotary dials.


The left most dial is the timer control where you can set it increments from 15 seconds to 6 minutes. You can make hot gourmet quality soup with this!

At the middle are four buttons – On, Off, Pulse and Infinity. The infinity button lets the motor run until you shut it off.

The rightmost dial is the variable speed dial that will give you the option of controlling how fast. Or slow the blades spin for those recipes that require more precision.

Gripper feet

Gripper Feet

Underneath the motor body are 13 “gripper feet” that keeps the blender stable even at the highest settings.

That means you don’t have to keep your hands on the blender during a cycle. Just make sure that the surface this blender sits on is clean and not oily to maximize these gripper feet.

Cord Storage

It also has an area underneath the motor base where you can store the power cord. So you won’t have any cords dangling around. If you’re a neat-freak this is a must have.

Reset switch

Another great feature is a reset switch that allows you to reset the motor just in case you overload it. It cuts off power to the motor there’s too much current.

What can this blender make?

With 3 horsepower on tap and a heavy duty motor this blender can pretty much do blend anything you put inside it. But it needs a little liquid.

The blades have a similar design to the Blendtec. So this machine will not need a tamper or so Omega claims.

With the square shaped pitcher design –again similar to the Blendtec, it creates a “vortex” that forces ingredients down as it blends it.

More than a smoothie maker

Aside from making stuff like smoothies this make has the power to turn whole seeds like flax into powder (you’ll see this in a video later on).

One thing to note when blending leafy green, you’ll have to chop them in smaller pieces to maximize blending efficiency. This is an essential step because the blade is blunt.

You don’t need to chop them into really small pieces just manageable pieces.

When you make green smoothies, you can use the infinity button. And watch it turn leafy greens into a smooth textured smoothie without having to play with the speed setting because it does it for you.

Another benefit of the heavy duty motor is its ability to withstand blending cycles that go up several minutes. This allows you to make hot gourmet soup at the comfort of your home.


This may struggle making thick low liquid recipes like nut butter without a tamper. Even though Omega claims it doesn’t need it – you may need one if your making frozen desserts or almond butter.

See it in action

John Kohler shows you the different features of the BL630 plus a demonstration on how it turned flax seed into flax power and a simple green smoothie recipe.

The Omega goes against the Vitamix TurboBlend VS blending flaxseeds and coconut.

Make sure to watch it all the way through because you’ll see a torture test where both of these machines will try to blend coconut meat without any water.

Overall the Vitamix performed better particularly blending coconut, it produced a more consistent blend with less chunks and it outperformed the Omega in the torture test.

Is it easy to clean?

Omega says you have two options to wash this – using a dish washer or hand washing it. I’d recommend that handwashing because it is faster and you get to thoroughly clean it using a sponge and dish washing liquid soap.

Product Specifications

Jug capacity64 ounces
Blade TypeTwo prong blunt stainless steel
Max RPM27,000
Preset blending cyclesInfinity
Crush ice?
Warranty10 years (whole machine)

Consumer Reviews

First thing I noticed reading the reviews is how this blender does very well with recipes that include even a tiny bit of water. These include recipes like hummus, smoothies, soup and even nut milk.

Great for big families

The large pitcher does allow you to make large batches of these healthy recipes. And the infinity feature is pretty innovative because it goes into variable speed mode if it detects a lot of ingredients inside.

You’ve seen the video of John Kohler blending a huge chunk of greens on this using the infinity feature and it does pretty well.

Please add water

What this blender struggles with is recipes that have very little or no water at all. Though it did well crushing flax seeds, it has some difficultly when it comes to the dry stuff – stuff like nut butter or frozen desserts if you don’t use a tamper.

I don’t know why Omega claims that their blender doesn’t need one because in the demonstration I shared with you and with consumer reviews, this is a major issue.

The 10 year warranty is nice but if you’re into making stuff like nut butter, frozen desserts or even hummus dare I say the Vitamix TurboBlend VS is a better deal.

Where can I buy this?

You can buy this blender from Amazon for around $270. Enroll in Prime to get 2-day free shipping. And there’s an optional extended warranty if you feel that the 10 year warranty isn’t sufficient.

To Wrap Up

This blender is a great alternative to similar style high powered blenders because of its heavy duty carafe, powerful 3hp motor, infinity feature, 17 gripper feet and a built in circuit breaker.

Long warranty!

The deal maker here is the industry best 10 year warranty, 3 years longer than the Vitamix (except for the Ascent series) and 2 years more than the Blendtec.

Even if Omega says this machine does not need a tamper, you still have to add some liquid.

Or else this blender may struggle as you’ve seen in the video above. But it has more than enough power to make nut butter or frozen dessert.

Overall Omega put a lot of thought and designed a very good product. But the lack of a tamper hinders how this blender functions. It’s getting there in terms of performance against the industry leader Vitamix but not quite yet.

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