Samson 6-in-1 Wheatgrass Juicer Review: Great for Leafy Greens

Wheatgrass is one of the superfoods touted by experts as a great detoxifying agent because it increases red blood count and lowers blood pressure plus it has these.

The only way you can get these benefits from wheatgrass is to juice them.

You can use a manual wheatgrass juicer if you want to have muscular arms.


Use something purpose-built for the task.

The Samson 6-in-1 juicer is a great option this machine is built for this task.

But this is more than wheatgrass extractor; this is great for all leafy greens.

It is a single stage juicer, so in theory, it should not extract more than a dual stage juicer.

But if you look at the screen, it has a large area, so this will make up for the limitation of the single stage screen.

It also has an adjustable end cap which should increase the yield.

Features at a glance

  • Horizontal auger design is great at extracting juice from leafy greens and even wheatgrass
  • Juicing screen made from GE Ultem – 8 times harder than other plastics
  • Rotates at a slow 80 rpm that minimizes oxidation in juice
  • More than a juicer – it comes with attachments that can make nut butter, sorbets, baby food and much more
  • 10-year warranty on the motor, 5 years for rest of the parts
  • 1.5″ feed chute
  • Not BPA Free
  • 12″ tall

The good

  • An all-around food mill great for people looking to incorporate more vegetables into their diet
  • Great yield particularly with leafy green vegetables
  • Easy to assemble
  • Easy to clean
  • Quiet

The bad

  • Does not use an ultem screen or auger which means that these parts are more likely to break than its Ultem counterparts
  • Single stage screen won’t yield as much as a dual stage variant
  • Only comes a 5-year warranty for the operational parts

What to expect from the Samson 6-in-1 Juicer?

Samson 6 in 1 Juicer Features

With the Samson, you’ll get 6 products in one

  1. vegetable juicer
  2. fruit juicer
  3. vegetable mincer and chopper
  4. meat/fish mincer and chopper
  5. food mill – capable of extruding pasta, noodles, and breadsticks
  6. extract oil from flax seeds – this is not included in the package

Unlike the newer Samson juicer, this does not have an Ultem strainer and auger, the auger is made from hardened melamine and the screen is made from stainless steel with polycarbonate housing.

It is FDA approved, so it is perfectly safe for processing foods.

It is not BPA free, so there are traces Bisphenol A compounds.

If this concerns you then go with the Samson 9005 which is BPA-free.

But take note there is very minimal exposure with plastic.

We’re taking about a few minutes tops.

Consider that bottled water is exposed to plastic for years and we’re okay to drink this.

This will work best on…

…green leafy vegetables such as wheatgrass, collard greens, chard, kale, etc.

The narrow design of the auger and screen make this an ideal green leafy vegetable juicer because it is very efficient in extracting and has an adjustable end cap that puts more pressure on the pulp, resulting in more yield.

John Kohler demonstrates how to use the Samson 6 in 1.

This will also work on fruits and other hard ingredients like carrot and beet but if you’re looking to have more hard ingredients in your recipes then have a look at a vertical slow juicer like the Omega VRT as it is more effective for these types of produce.

An all-around food mill

Like what I’ve mentioned in the features section, this is also great for making other yummy foods like sorbets and nut butter.

It also is capable of mincing and chopping vegetable, fruit, fish, and meat. It can extrude pasta and breadsticks.

You’ll notice that the juicer in the three videos above is black but it’s the same juicer, the only difference is color.

There is also an optional attachment (that can be bought separately) that allows this to extract oil from flax seeds.

This is truly a versatile machine for people looking to live a healthier lifestyle.

How long can you store juice?

With a slow juicer like this, you can store juice for 24 to 48 hours because minimal air is mixed into juice so there will be little oxidation.

Just make sure to store it in a glass container and overfilled to remove air pockets, and of course, refrigerate it.

How much juice can it extract?

Compared to centrifugal or vertical auger juicers this will outperform them by at least 30%.

If you’re the type who likes to take a wheatgrass shot every morning, then the Samson 6 in 1 would be one of the best in doing so.

Check out this video comparing the Samson 6 in 1 to an Omega VRT350

How much preparation is needed?

It has a small 1.5” diameter round feed chute which means you’ll need to pre-cut ingredients like large carrots, apple, lemon, beet and the like.

For leafy greens, there is no need to chop because the continuous pulp ejection port will not clog even on fibrous produce.

Is it hard to clean up?

This is relatively easy to assemble and take apart so cleaning should not take more than 5 minutes, the hardest part to clean would be the juicing screen, but there is an oversized toothbrush included in the package that should make it easier to clean the screen.

Is it dishwasher safe?

Samson says this is dishwasher safe but only in the top rack, avoid the drying cycle, but I’d suggest that you clean this by hand because it is very easy and won’t take too long.

What type of juicer is this?

This is called a single stage horizontal auger juicer because the auger sits on horizontally beside the motor.

Single stage means that the screen only extracts juice from one area, there is no screen located to catch juice that is extracted on the initial crush so this, in theory, will not extract as much as a dual stage juicer.

How long is the warranty?

The motor comes with a 10-year warranty while the operational parts only have a 5-year warranty which is pretty good but consider that the newer Samson Advanced juicer has a full 15 warranty on the motor and the parts make it a better deal in my opinion.

Is it BPA-free?

Unfortunately, it isn’t BPA free. The auger is made from hardened melamine, the housing from polycarbonate and the screen from a combination of polycarbonate housing and stainless steel.


Slow juicers typically don’t produce a lot of noise as you’ve seen in the videos I shared with you above.

You can use this without worrying about waking anybody up.


This is available in both 110 and 220-volt variants, take note that if you’re buying this in Amazon you’ll get the 110-volt version.

The 220-volt version is available in Samson’s online shop.


It uses a 160-watt single induction motor that produces around 1.5hp of squeezing power.

The auger rotates at just 80rpm which minimizes noise and ensures that very little air is getting in juice thus reducing oxidation.


  • 7″ x 12″ x 15″ (width x height x depth)
  • Weighs around 14.65 pounds

Available colors

Available colors

This is available in off white ivory and black.

Product Specifications

Model6 in 1 Wheatgrass Juicer
Feed chute size and shapeCircular

1.5" in diameter
(revolutions per minute)
Ultem auger
Ultem strainer
Blank plate attachment
TypeHorizontal auger juicer
Juice vegetables?
Juice fruits?
Cant it make nut butter?
Can it make sorbet?
Can it grind coffee
Can it process food
Warranty10 years on the motor

5 years on the parts

220-volts (Eu)
Motor1/3 HP single induction motor that produces 1.5 HP of squeezing power

160 watts

The package includes

  • Motor base
  • Auger
  • Juicing screen
  • Drum
  • Drum cap
  • Mincing Cone
  • Juice and pulp catch ups
  • Sieve
  • Cleaning brush
  • Pusher
  • Juicing nozzle
  • Mincing nozzle
  • Two noodle nozzles
  • Two pasta nozzles
  • Recipe book
  • Instruction manual
  • DVD
  • Extra Fuse

Consumer Rating

Consumers who bought this juicer were really happy not only with the juicing capabilities of this machine but also the other functions such as mincing and shredding as well was grinding coffee beans.

This machine allowed them to have a healthier overall diet.

I noticed several consumers used this to juice wheatgrass and was very happy with the results. They said it was efficient because it can extract juice from even from a small amount of wheatgrass.

The adjustable end cap has a learning curve that some complained about. But overall it was a nice feature because even though this was a single stage juicer, yield was good though there were some complaints about the yield not being up to par with the Omega 8000 series which is a dual stage juicer.

Clean up was easy because of the narrow auger, and it had an oversized toothbrush that helped in cleaning the screen.

Other folks who left low ratings say that this took some time in juicing hard produce like carrots, but you have to remember that slow juicers really take time and won’t extract as quickly as a traditional juicer.

Where can I buy this?

You can buy this juicer from Amazon for less than $230. One thing I like about Amazon would be the availability of the extended warranty and free 2-day shipping if you enroll in Prime.

To wrap up

It would be great for people who want to juice a shot of wheatgrass every morning – the auger and strainer should be robust enough to do so.

Even tho Samson says this is a wheatgrass juicer; you can also use it to extract juice from other product. It will work best on any leafy green like spinach, kale, celery, something with leaves on it.

If you like your green juice, then this should be an excellent addition to your kitchen.

Even if I want to recommend this, a better option would be the newer Samson 6-in-1 juicer at just a fraction more. It’s got an ULTEM strainer and auger (8x stronger) and 15-year warranty that’ll extract more juice.

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