T-fal ZE5813US Balanced Living 550-Watt Juicer Review

Here’s another budget wide-mouth juice extractor that people who want to go into juicing look at.

It’s a bargain and is manufactured by a reputable manufacturer in the United States.

T-fal ZE5813US Balanced Living 550-Watt Juicer Review

If you don’t want to break the bank with your first juicer, have a look at this.

I’ve owned several T-Fal products that include a food steamer and water heater, so I know they manufacture good quality products.

When I saw this juicer in Amazon, I know that we could have another under-the-radar product here that could be a steal in terms of price because it costs just over $70 but was able to feature large feed 3-inch feed chute and a strong 500-watt motor.

Features at a glance

  • Has a wide 3” feed chute
  • 500-watt motor
  • Dual speed for hard and soft fruits and vegetables
  • Dishwasher safe parts
  • Stainless steel cutting disk and strainer
  • 1.25-liter juice jug with froth separator
  • Large pulp catcher (capacity is not specified)
  • No drip juice spout
  • Safety locking arm for safe operation
  • Not BPA free
  • 15.3″ tall
  • 1-year warranty

The good

  • Large feed chute means less chopping
  • Cheap
  • Decent motor
  • Anti-drip juice spout feature prevents messy drips on the table

The bad

  • White plastic stains easily
  • It is not BPA free
  • Does not work well on leafy greens (you’ll need a slow juicer for that)

What to expect from the Tefal ZE5813US?

The first thing you’ll notice with this product is the color. It comes in an all-white plastic package.

It would look great on most kitchens when maintained in pristine condition, but it is hard to maintain because it stains so easily.

But heck this is a juicer what matters most is how much it extracts.

So let’s look at the heart of this machine which is a 500-watt motor that seems strong based on reviews.

The feed chute is generous at 3” in diameter.

This makes it as wide as the more expensive Breville JE98XL but at more than half the cost, but remember that the later has a more powerful 850-watt motor.

T-fal ZE5813US Features

The 1.25-liter juice jug has a froth separator, and it has a large pulp catcher so you can make large 1-liter batches without emptying it.

This will work best on…

…Hard fruit and vegetables like apple, celery, beet, pear, and similar ingredients.

If your recipe list includes a majority of these produce items, then this is the juicer for you.

If you’re looking to juice a lot of leafy greens, you’ll have to look somewhere else because this will struggle with such as you’ll see in the video I’ll share with you below.

How long can you store juice?

T-fal does not specify the rpm of this model but since this is a centrifugal extractor, don’t store it for more than 24 hours max.

That’s a rule of thumb for all juicers like this one if you’re looking to store juice for a few days, get a low-speed extractor because it will not oxidize juice as this one will.

To get the most nutrients, you’ll have to drink it as soon as you finish extracting juice.

You’ll risk spoiling it when you store it for than a day, and your body won’t get as many nutrients as it will when you drink it fresh.

How much preparation is needed?

Armed with a 3-inch feed chute, there is minimal chopping needed.

You can put in a whole small or medium-sized apple, a whole lemon or orange without chopping.

It’ll even accommodate a couple of medium sized carrots. So if you’re pressed for time, have a look at this.

How much juice can it extract?

Like what I’ve said earlier in this review, it will do well on hard and fibrous stuff like carrots but will struggle with leafy greens.

To get the most out of leafy greens, you’ll have to bunch them all up and roll them together rather than putting them in one by one.

For soft ingredients like citrus fruits, you’ll do an okay job don’t expect the efficiency of a dedicated citrus juicer so you won’t be disappointed.

Is it hard to clean up?

Assembly and disassembly aren’t hard to clean up won’t be difficult either.

The most challenging part to clean would be the cutting disk and strainer but it has a cleaning brush so it won’t be too hard but clean it immediately after using it so pulp does not dry up.

All parts are dishwasher safe, but only on the top rack, if you put it on the bottom rack, it might warp and become deformed.

See it in Action

A demo by T-Fal…


This first-time juicer seems to struggle to get more juice out of Kale, so she decided to use the blender.

If you’re planning on juicing a lot of greens, then get a horizontal type extractor like the Samson or Omega.


What type of juicer is this?

It is a centrifugal juicer because it uses a high-speed centrifugal force and shredding to force liquid out of fruits and vegetables.

It has two speeds, high and low, for soft and hard produce.

How long is the warranty?

It only comes with a one year warranty which is pretty standard for this type of extractor.

Is it BPA free?

Unfortunately, this is not BPA free.


Even though this is a centrifugal juicer, it will produce a little bit of noise, but it won’t be as loud as those 13,000 to 15,000rpm monsters.

You can use this even with your baby sleeping next door :).

Product Specification

Feed chute size and shapeRound

3" in diameter
(revolutions per minute)
two speeds but rpm is not specified
Juice collector capacity1.25 liters
Pulp collector capacitycapacity not specified
Disk type Stainless steel
TypeCentrifugal juicer
Juice vegetables?
Juice fruits?
Cant it make nut butter?No
Can it make sorbet?No
Can it grind coffeeNo
Can it process foodNo
Dishwasher safe
Top rack only
Warranty1 years
Motor500 watts

The package includes

  • Motor base (500-watt motor)
  • Food pusher
  • Cover with 3” feed chute
  • Stainless steel cutting disk and strainer
  • 1.25-liter juice jug
  • Pulp collector
  • Cleaning brush
  • Manual

Consumer Rating

While there aren’t any reviews on Amazon just yet, it got some love from other sites like viewpoints and Walmart.

Even with the low number of reviews, people still loved how it was effective in juicing hard ingredients like beet and softer ones like orange because it had two settings for these types of fruits and vegetables.

It does struggle with leafy greens as you’ve seen in the second video above.

Clean up is easy based on the majority of reviews but one commented that the brush was poorly designed.

Assembly and disassembly are easy, and according to one Walmart consumer who bought his juicer at a discount, he would even buy it at full price because it worked very well.

Another even said this is one of the best-kept secrets because it is priced this low and said this was better than a Breville Juice Fountain.

Where can I buy this?

The best price I found online is in Amazon where it will cost just over $60. It is also available in Walmart for the same price.

This juicer would be great for…

…people looking to get into juicing for the first time but don’t want to spend over than $100 on a juicer.

It does extract a decent amount from harder fruits and vegetables but will struggle with leafy greens as you’ve seen in the video.

Assembly and disassembly aren’t difficult so cleaning this should not be a problem, if the cleaning brush isn’t working for you, invest in a good one so clean up wouldn’t be a chore.

If don’t juice a lot of leafy greens then this should be a great startup juicer for beginners before transitioning to more expensive slow juicers.

Are you interested in this inexpensive juicer? Check out the latest price in Amazon.

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