Tribest Slow Star Juicer Review: Only 47 RPM

Drinking fresh unpasteurized juice is one of the best ways to get nutrition from vegetables and fruit without overwhelming your digestive system.

In fact, nutritionist’s call this juice “liquid gold” for good reason…

…all the nutrients, enzymes, phytochemicals, all the good stuff is right that liquid that’ll nourish the body and help you gain better health.

Tribest Slow Star Juicer Review

If you use a centrifugal juicer, it oxidizes juice pretty quickly because it spins at such a high speed.

You can’t store juice very long.

The Tribest Slow Star Juicer eliminates this problem because it only spins at 47rpm.

Which makes it one of the (if not the) slowest juicers in the market today.

Why is it a big deal?

Because slow rotation means less air going into the juice, less air means less oxidation.

This equals more nutrients, better tasting juice and longer storage times.

A quick look at the features

  • Auger only rotates at 47rpm which means really minimal oxidation and longer lasting juice
  • Duo-blade auger chops larger produce better and will have better yields
  • Comes with a mincing attachment that allows you to make salsas and sorbet
  • Powerful 200 watt motor with 3-reduction gears which simply means better torque
  • Juice cap prevents messy leaks
  • 18″ tall
  • 2.5″ x 1.5″ feed chute
  • 10 year warranty
  • Components that touch juice are BPA free

The good

  • Quiet
  • Uses a very slow rpm that minimizes oxidation
  • Has a fine strainer
  • Great yield for a vertical auger juicer – 10% better than the VRT400

The bad

  • Not as self-feeding as other vertical auger juicer because of the twin blade auger
  • No juice tap that will prevent drips on the table
  • Can make sorbets and nut butter

Some features only found in the Tribest Slow Star Juice Extractor

This machine was named “Slow Star” because the auger only spins at a very casual 47rpm, probably slower than any other juicer in the market.

Does this really make a difference? Well, we don’t really know but Tribest claims that this low speed will preserve enzymes.

Take it with a grain of salt though.

Tribest Slow Star Juicer Feature

Another feature that improves the yield is the double blade feature. This feature has been tested to improve yield compared to single blade auger designs.

The downside though is this juicer will be more prone to stalling when you feed in too much too soon.

This will work best on…

…A wide variety vegetables and fruit. If you are looking to juice a lot of green leafy vegetables then have a look at a horizontal auger juicer with a wide feed chute like the Omega NC800 which will work better with green leafy veggies than fruit.

Vertical slow juicers like this one, need harder ingredients like carrot to push pulp and juice out.

If you’re like me who likes to juice a mix of vegetable and fruit then the Slow Star Juicer will be a good choice because based on several reviews, it yields a lot of juice (more on that below).

It can make sorbets and nut butter

It comes with a separate bowl that contains the blank plate or mincing attachment that basically allows you to make healthy peanut butter and sorbets at home using fresh ingredients minus artificial sweeteners.

Only a handful of vertical slow juicers have this type of attachment – the Kuvings Whole Slow Juicer being the other one.

How long can you store juice?

Since it rotates at a lower rpm than most other vertical slow juicers, you can, in theory store this longer than 72 hours but I would not recommend that.

For the best results, pour it in a mason jar, if possible overfill so there are no air packets inside then store in a refrigerator.

If you’re want to bring juice to your workplace then put the mason jars into a cooler then quickly transfer it to your officer’s refrigerator.

How much preparation is needed?

Even though the auger has two slicing blades (Tribest says that because of this you don’t have to pre-cut as much), you’d still have to pre-cut fibrous greens like celery. So that it does not clog the pulp ejector. In fact, all vertical auger juicers have this requirement.

If you don’t pre-cut fibrous greens, the pulp ejector will get clog, you’ll get a lot of backup and a more pulpy juice plus a lot of cleaning afterwards.

How much juice can it extract?

Despite not being as self-feeding as other vertical slow juicers, the double blade auger yielded close to 10% more than an Omega VRT400 based on a juice off done by John Kohler.

It also produced less foam and less pulp, the downside to all this is that you need to use the pusher more for it to juice.

So you’ll have to weigh this pro and con. If you suffer from any form of arthritis or don’t want to exert effort pushing the pusher then go with a more self-feeding juicer like the VRT400.

If you want more yield and don’t mind putting extra effort in using the pusher to push the produce into the juicer then this juicer is for you.

Here’s the video of the “Juice Off”

Is it hard to clean up?

It will take a tad bit longer to clean up than let’s say a Hurom HU-100 or Omega VRT because it has a larger juice cup, more recess points on the strainer and a large recess point underneath the auger.

Also the cover has a spider webbing design that looks cool but it is harder to clean up.

In between the handle and the juice cup is a very narrow recess area where water or juice can get in and it is virtually impossible to clean up so it’ll be prone to water marks.

Is it dishwasher safe?

Unfortunately, it isn’t and you’d have to wash this by hand.

What type of juicer is this?

This is a vertical auger juicer or slow juicer because it uses only 47 rpm.

Other models in its class rotate at 80rpm, Tribest took it a notch higher and lowered it down to 47rpm which is the slowest by far in the market.

This means less air goes into juice which means less oxidation and more nutrient rich and better tasting.

Unlike centrifugal juicers that are noisy because it blade spins thousands of rpm, this juicer will be whisper quiet.

How long is the warranty?

Tribest gives a full 10 year warranty on the whole unit, which means if any part of it breaks within the warranty period, you don’t have to spend on repairs just contact the manufacturer and they’ll send a replacement part for you.

Based on reviews, Tribest is willing to go the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction.

When the earlier version of this juicer came out, it had two flaws – it was leaking and jammed pretty often. Tribest then sent consumers new juice bowls and augers (free of charge) that both addressed these issues and consumers were happy with it.

Even though this is more expensive, the long warranty means that this may be the last juicer you’ll buy.

Think about it, you buy a cheap juicer that breaks down after a year or so, you replace it with another cheap one then it breaks again, add all that up and you’ll might have spent more than you would have when you buy this.

Is it BPA-free?

Tribest says it is “mostly” BPA free. I appreciate that Tribest was transpartent about this information. Exposure time of the juice on plastic will be short because you’ll be immediately moving the contents to a bottle. So there’s really little to worry about.


Based on video reviews I’ve watched it is one of the more quiet juicers in the market right now because of the low rpm.


Tribest says it is available in 120 volt and 240 volt versions. In Amazon it is available only in 120-volts.


It uses a 3 stage gear reduction motor (200 watts) that is equivalent in terms of torque to a 9hp motor which means it has a lot of crushing power.

The package includes


Product Specifications

ModelSlow Star
Feed chute size and shapeOval/Crescent

Size: 2.5" x 1.5"
(revolutions per minute)
Ultem auger
Ultem strainer
Blank plate attachment
TypeVertical auger juicer
Juice vegetables?
Juice fruits?
Cant it make nut butter?
Can it make sorbet?
Can it grind coffee
Can it chop/process food
Dishwasher safe?
Warranty10 years on the whole juicer
3 stage motor

Consumer Rating

Big reason why consumers like this was the yield and taste. Since this juicer only rotates at 47 rpm, juice will taste better because there’s less oxidation.

It was quiet enough to use in the morning without waking up the neighbors which is always a good thing. And the best time to juice would be before breakfast on an empty stomach.

There were some complaints on how difficult it is to clean up because of the larger screen and the recess point under the auger.

But it does come with a brush and with it clean up should be easier and should not take more than 5 minutes.

Several also mentioned that the mincing attachment is a great add-on because it allowed them to make fresh strawberry sorbets and nut butter at home!

Where can I buy this?

You can buy this Amazon for just a little over $300 and it’ll be eligible to their 2-day free shipping if you join Prime. Extended warranties are also available of up to 4 years if you want that extra peace of mind.

To Wrap Up

This is would be a great juicer for people looking for the maximum yield when juicing but remember it does take a little effort to push produce through the feed chute because of the double blade system.

Ingredients don’t go down as effortlessly as other vertical juicers like Omega, Kuvings and Hurom but it yielded around 10% more juice compared to an Omega juicer based on a test done by John Kohler.

If you have arthritis or any other debilitating condition in your arms or wrists, consider the Kuvings or Omega slow juicer but if you just want the maximum yield possible from a vertical auger juicer then this is the best by far in the market right now.

One more thing, it is rather tall at 18 inches so check the clearance in your kitchen to make sure it fits.

4 thoughts on “Tribest Slow Star Juicer Review: Only 47 RPM”

  1. Hi Garrick, thank you for the review. Had an Omega before, and I am thinking about a Tribest now. But what does Tribest actually mean by “mostly BPA- free”? And do you know if it is more or less BPA-free than e.g. Omega and Hurom juicers? Conscious juicers would like to know this! ;-) Thanks and juice on!

  2. Run. Run Fast. I will never own another Tribest product. I worked and read to get the right juicer. At the last minute, I went from getting an Omega to a Tribest–from John Kohler’s Big mistake. I realized within 3 days I didn’t like the juicer and wrote to John–who did not have a return policy and referred me to the company. This company did nothing. They listened, grunted, welllled and uuummmed. And then refused to do anything. One problems were a lot: the amount of juice produced was substandard–pulp very wet, could squeeze more juice out by hand after the pulp came out of the machine. Pressure builds up inside the machine and blows off the tip of the machine. (By that I mean shoots 10+ feet) Foam builds up and overflows before the juice cup is even half full. I’ve never had anything but trouble with this juicer, and the company’s customer service is non-existent. Save your money, heartache, and time. Deal with someone else.

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