Vitamix 1732 TurboBlend VS Review – A Cheaper Version of the 5200

Vitamix Turbo Blend VS ReviewThe face of the Vitamix for years has been the 5200.

It’s been the bestselling blender for years in Amazon. Product testers like America’s Test Kitchen has torture tested it and passed with flying colors!

Even though it has been in the market for more than 5 years, prices still have remained relatively high (currently at around $450 in Amazon).

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That’s a lot of dough for a blender. But what if I told you that you can get a similar machine for around $80 to $90 less?

When I say similar I mean it has the same motor, cutting blade, pitcher, same controls. And this isn’t a competing brand that is looking for a cut at a market share.

This blender comes from a brand that has been a benchmark for excellence.

I’m talking about the Vitamix 1732 TurboBlend VS blender. If you put this and the Vitamix 5200 side by side, you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference honestly.

A quick look at the features

  • Equipped with a 2 peak horsepower motor
  • Precision cut stainless steel blades (3 inches in diameter)
  • 64 ounce Eastman Tritan copolyester pitcher with a spill proof lid that doubles as an exhaust vent if you’re blending hot soup (this pitcher is BPA free)
  • Variable speed setting (from 1 to 10) gives you more control in your blending
  • Inside the motor is a high efficiency radial cooling fan that helps cool down the motor during long blending cycles
  • Metal to metal pitcher to motor base coupling ensures years of operation
  • Comes with a tamper to help blend recipes with very minimal liquid
  • Measures 20.5″ tall
  • 5 year warranty (you can purchase an additional 3 years warranty in Amazon)

The good

  • Cheaper than the 5200 (if you are a Prime member that is)
  • More than just a smoothie maker – it can make soups, baby food, crush seeds and even mix a dough
  • Tamper helps with recipes that virtually has no liquid like nut butter
  • Strong, torquey motor can handle even tough to make recipes like nut butter

The bad

  • Still expensive for a blender
  • Very tall (at over 20 inches tall)
  • Noisy

What to expect from this under the radar Vitamix TurboBlend RS?


The TurboBlend VS is the exact same machine as the more popular 5200.

Let’s start with the motor where this blender has the same 2 hp motor that spins the blades at 240 mph! That’s faster than a lot of modern super cars!

Same controls as the 5200

Looking at the controls, it has the same exact layout as the more popular 5200.

There’s the high and variable speed toggle on the left. On/Off switch on the right and a dial switch that gives you access to the 10-speed settings.


64 ounce pitcher

It also has the same 64 ounce Tritan Eastman copolyester pitcher that is BPA free. That it does not contain any of the Bisphenol-A compound that can cause cancer.

Aside from being BPA free, it has the same spill proof lid that will not pop off even on long blending cycles.

A lid plug allows you to add ingredients mid-cycle for added convenience. This also doubles as a vent when blending hot recipes like soups.

TurboBlend VS and 5200 pitcher

One difference I noticed is the handle, the 5200 has a rubber cover on the handle while the Turbo Blend VS does not.

Same performance as the Vitamix 5200

Since both of these machines built using the same components expect the same performance from both.

This can make a lot of things – smoothies, nut butter, nut milk, baby food, grind coffee beans, hot soup and even mix a dough.

Green smoothies

Here are some videos to show you what I mean. The first video is a green smoothie demo…

You’ll notice that Jacqueline (girl in the video) didn’t chop the lettuce which is a factor why it didn’t blend as quickly as she’d hope it would and she had to use the tamper.

The recommended practice would be cutting leafy greens into smaller chunks so the blades can grab and chop it.

Also if you’re making smoothies, you can add some ice or use frozen fruit and avoid turn on the blender for more than a minute because it will heat up the drink.

Frozen desserts

Frozer dessert lovers can make their own sorbet with the Vitamix.

This recipe has fresh strawberries (frozen and not frozen) and pineapple – all fresh no added sugars…

Here’s where having a tamper helps. It helps push down ingredients toward the blades.

Remember not to go over 30 seconds or the heat generated by the blades will melt the frozen strawberries.


All Vitamix blenders come with a plunger and this one is no different. The purpose of the plunger is to help push down ingredients so that the blades can get to them.

This is especially useful when blending stuff like frozen desserts, nut butter or any other recipe that has very low liquid content.

20.5 inches tall

Like the 5200, the TurboBlend VS stands around 20.5 inches tall. This may not fit in homes with standard sized overhanging shelves. A shorter version of the 5200, would be the 5300 that has the shorter pitcher.

Live Fresh recipe book

One thing that differentials Vitamix variants is the recipe book that comes along with it. This one comes with the Live Fresh recipe book that contains hundreds of vegan recipes and shows you how to prepare them in the TurboBlend VS.

This is a great starter guide for people looking to live healthier.

As you get used to these recipes, you can modify them according to your taste and availability of ingredients.

Starter DVD

Vitamix also provides you with a DVD to help you use the Vitamix the proper way. Food author Ani Phyo guides you in using your Vitamix and jumpstart your journey to living healthier.

100% Hemp filtration bag

One of the goodies you’ll get is the hemp filtration bag that helps you when making nut milk. These bags act as a filter that separates milk and pulp. If you run out of these, you can use a sieve if you want to save money.

Only for North America

This variant is only available in North America which means the plug, voltage and amperage will only fit inside North American homes. Buying this outside North America will void the warranty.

Is it easy to clean?

All Vitamix blenders are easy to clean.

One popular technique that Vitamix recommends is the dishwashing liquid technique. So you’ll fill up the pitcher halfway with water, add a few drops of dishwashing liquid then run it on high for about 60 seconds.

Make sure to start from speed 1 then move up to speed 10 using the speed dial.

Don’t forget to rinse it afterwards to remove any soapy residue.

Product Specifications

Model1732 TurboBlend VS
Jug capacity64 ounces
Blade TypeLaser-cut, stainless-steel hammermill
(3" diameter)
Max RPM37,000
Preset blending cyclesNone
Crush ice?
Warranty5 years (whole machine)

Consumer Reviews

Consumers really like how the Vitamix TurboBlend VS performed, not only can it make chunk free smoothies, it can also make hot soup and frozen dessert and a whole lot more.

Long warranty

A lot of them said that this is a better deal than the $450++ Vitamix 5200 though it only comes with a 5 year warranty. You will be getting virtually the same machine.

Lots of folks say that this machine enables them to eat healthier because it’s a tool that aids in food prep.

In fact, if you make hot soup, the friction from the blade will help heat up liquid. And you don’t need a stove to heat it so it’s a time saver as well.

Always add a little water

Remember that when making smoothies, you need to add water and check produce into smaller chunks just enough so the blades can reach it. When done properly, this blender will blend it to an almost juice-like consistency.

Overall despite the high cost, a lot of people gave this blender high marks there were some cases of lemon products that broke down prematurely. But that’s why we have warranties and this has a 5 year warranty.

Where can I buy this?

You can buy this “budget Vitamix” from Amazon for less than $330. What I like from Amazon would be the 2-day free shipping if you join Prime. Extended warranties are also available of up to 4 years if you want that extra peace of mind.

To Wrap Up

This blender is hands down a better deal than the Vitamix 5200 especially if you buy it from Amazon because it uses virtually the same components and will produce the same results.

And if you’re looking to invest in an all-around food mixer, it’s hard to beat this.

Not only will it make green smoothies, you’ll be able to create gourmet quality soups, fresh nut butter, frozen sorbet, baby food and so much more in the comfort of your home.

You will save money in the long run because you’ll find yourself eating at home more than going out.

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