Vitamix 300 vs 750: The Battle of Professional Blenders

Vitamix has a whole gamut of blenders (more than 10) in their product line.

This vastness can cause some confusion in the product selection process.

That’s the bad news. The good news is I’m here to break things down for you and today we’ll be having a close look at two of their “professional” series blenders – the Vitamix 300 and 750.

Vitamix 300
Pitcher: 64 oz.
Power: 2.2 hp
Blade Width: 4″
Height: 17.5″

Vitamix 750
Pitcher: 64 oz.
Power: 2.2 hp
Blade Width: 4″
Height: 17.5″

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A clarification

Before I continue, I’d like to stress that the term “professional series” doesn’t equate to variants having more powerful motors.

All Vitamix blenders come with professional grade motors as you’ll notice a lot of chefs and juice bars use.

When you see the word “professional series” next to a Vitamix, it simply means that it comes with a “professional” grade cookbook with the exact recipes that chefs use to make gourmet quality food you’ll find in restaurants.

Same motor

Under the hood so to speak both of these blenders have the same motor and use the same container that houses the same blade.

It means that the results will be the same. The most significant difference between these two is the interface which I will talk in detail below.


This is perhaps the biggest difference between these two.

Vitamix 300 Interface

The Vitamix 300 has a pretty simple interface. It includes a pulse switch on the left, rotary dial at the middle to adjust the speed and a start and stop toggle switch on the right.

This layout is pretty similar to the 5300 and 5200 (except the 5200 does not have any pulse setting).

Vitamix 750 Interface

The Vitamix 750 being the newer variant of the two has more options.

In addition to the pulse and variable speed, it also comes with five preset controls that take the guesswork out when blending certain types of recipes.

These options include settings for smoothies, soup, froze dessert, puree and even one for cleaning the pitcher.

Using pre-programmed controls gives you consistency because the blender will start and stop the motor in preset increments.

For example, if you want to make hot soup, turn the dial towards the hot soup preset, and the blender will do a 6 minutes cycle for you.

You can leave the blender and do other things needed inside the kitchen. In short, this feature allows you to multitask.

The latter is significant if you are a chef or juice bar owner because this setting gives you consistency and saves you a lot of time.

Winner: Vitamix 750


The Vitamix 300 and 750 come equipped with the 2nd generation 2.2 HP motor with an improved exhaust system that means you can run it longer without overheating it.

Improved cooling means more flexibility in terms of the recipes you can make since you can run it longer.

Tough to make recipes like hummus or even pizza dough is a cinch to make with both of these products. The key is knowing what setting to use and how long to run it. That’s where the recipe book comes in.

Winner: Even


One of the biggest complaints by consumers with the Vitamix 5200 is the tall pitcher that made it difficult to store.

Vitamix has heard these complaints and now has released a low profile container that has the same capacity.

Both of these variants use the same 64-ounce low profile, pitcher. The new design is found in all 2nd generation Vitamix blenders.

This pitcher reduces the overall height of the blender from 20.5 inches down to 17.5 inches so it will fit under most countertop cabinets.

Make sure to measure yours before purchasing one so that you won’t have any problems storing this.

Winner: Even

Blade Size

Since both of these blenders use the same container, blade size is also the same. It is around 4 inches in diameter or around an inch wider than the previous generation blades.

This blade is stainless steel, hammermill metal that Vitamix says will resist corrosion. It’s an excellent thing since this blade will touch food.

Winner: Even

What can this make?

Both these machines can make pretty much the same set of recipes because it has the same motor, blade, and pitcher.

What sets the 750 apart is the pre-programmed controls that are absent in the 300.

The pre-programmed controls allow you to make recipes like soup or frozen dessert without having to time and manually start and stop the blender and these settings do it for you.

Let’s see a series of videos of just a taste of what this machine can make.

Nut butter

Here’s how you make nut butter with the Vitamix 300 without adding any oils or processed sugars. If you love adding peanut butter, might as well make one that’s healthy.

Take note that you should roast the peanuts first before dropping them into the blender because the roasting process releases the oils inside. If you don’t cook them, you’ll end up with peanut powder.

And it did not take long to finish, for this recipe it made less than a minute. It is a testament to the product design and power of the Vitamix.

Hot soup

Next up is soup with again with the 300. It’s a simple tomato soup recipe using tomatoes roasted in olive oil, garlic, bacon, chicken stock, etc.

Watch this video to see the process…

This recipe is from a chef who does this for a living, and he gave this product a ton of praise in this video.

Even though it does not have pre-programmed controls, making gourmet quality soup is now possible in your home!


Here’s a smoothie recipe from Lenny Gale

Now let’s move over to what the Vitamix 750 can make. And for the first video, I’ll share with you is the actual video that comes with the 750.

But wait there’s more

It shows you the different types of recipes you can make – smoothies, soup, salsa, vinaigrette, peanut butter, and sorbet. It also has a section that shows you how to grate cheese and how to clean it.

Professional chef Michael Voltaggio shares all of these recipes.

The beauty of this video is that it shows you the exact steps you need to do to make these recipes. And once you’ve familiarized yourself with these recipes, you can tweak it to suit your taste buds!

You’ll find these recipes inside the recipe book that comes along with this.

Pizza dough

Here’s one of my personal favorites, making pizza dough. Take note that you will have to purchase the dry container for the Vitamix at around $100++ in Amazon which is a substantial amount but if you like pizza and often then consider it an investment.

Winner: Even


All 2nd generation Vitamix blenders come with a 7-year warranty. If you buy this from Amazon, there is an optional 4 or 3-year protection plan for much less than it would cost in

Winner: Even

Where can I buy these blenders?

Both these blenders are available in Amazon with the Vitamix 300 being cheaper at just a shade under $530.You’ll need to spend a little bit more to buy the 750 with the three preset controls.

If the 7-year warranty isn’t enough, then you can go to Amazon and purchase the extended warranty up to 4 years. So it extends the warranty to 11 years. Now that’s peace of mind.

Winner: Vitamix 300

Product Specification

Vitamix 300
Vitamix 750
Pitcher capacity
64 oz
64 oz
1. Hot soup
2. Smoothies
3. Frozen dessert
4. Puree
5. Clean
Blade width
Cord length
6 ft
6 ft
7 yrs
7 yrs

To Wrap Up

Both of these blenders are fantastic options for anyone looking for a cooking tool that can handle anything you throw at it.

Same motor

These machines not only make smoothies but 2.2 hp motor is pretty much heavy duty enough to handle any recipe you can think of.

It is a big reason why Vitamix is one of the top choices by professional chefs around the world.

Pro-programmed controls for a premium

The only difference between the two would be the pre-programmed controls available in the 750. And if you’re willing to pay for the price difference to get access to this feature.

My recommendation is that if you’re cooking for yourself and your family, the 300 will suffice as it comes with the same motor and can do pretty much anything the 750 does.

It is the cheaper option, but if you own a restaurant then the Vitamix 750 would be a better option.

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