Vitamix Ascent A3300 Review: Not Quite Top of The Line

The last Ascent I talked about was the top of the line A3500 that costs close to $550. In terms of features, it has everything you can ask for from a blender that includes a powerful motor, preset controls and great warranty.

Vitamix Ascent A3300 Review

But if the idea of spending close to $600 does not appeal to you then why not have a look at the Ascent A3300?

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All digital

Like the A3500, the A3300 has a digital touch screen interface with a knob at the middle. The only thing missing would be the preset controls.

It has the same programmable timer on top and pulse button on the left side with the start/stop button on the right.

The modern design will look really good in almost any kitchen. And the great thing is you’ll save some serious cash –  at least $100 less minus the preset controls.

Let’s look at the features at the Ascent A3300…

  • Touchscreen interface that’s easy to clean
  • Variable speed control gives you more control
  • Wireless connectivity that automatically adjusts blending times depending on the container you attach
  • Built-in programmable timer helps you with different types of recipes
  • Compatible with any “Self-Detect” Vitamix containers
  • 2 peak HP motor
  • 4 foot power cord
  • 17″ tall
  • 10 year warranty

The good

  • Around $100 cheaper than the Vitamix Ascent 3500
  • Programmable timer makes this a lot more versatile
  • Shorter than the Vitamix 5200 so this will fit under a lot more cabinets
  • Powerful motor is capable of blending a lot of recipes from smoothies to dough
  • Comes with a detailed manual that tells you how to get the most out of this machine
  • Long warranty

The bad

  • Expensive
  • Very loud
  • No preset controls

What to expect from the Vitamix Ascent A3300?

This machine is an A3500 clone with the exception of the preset controls. If you check Amazon, currently the A3300 is priced the same as the Ascent A2500 and this variant has a digital timer.

So between the two, the no-brainer option would be this variant because of this add-on.

Touch Interface

Like the top of the line A3500, the A3300 also has an easy to clean, touch screen interface with a knob in the middle.

This is a fusion between the first generation variant that had toggle switches and rotary dial and the latter generation Professional 750 that was all-digital.

With a gray and black color scheme with just four buttons, this blender screams minimalist and will fit in most modern homes. At the right is the pulse button and on the left are the start and stop buttons with a rotary dial at the middle.

Variable Speed Control

This dial will help you adjust the speed of the blade so this gives you flexibility on how chunky or smooth you want your recipes to be.

Programmable Timer

There’s also a built-in timer that helps you set a specific time how long you’d want to blend the recipes. This helps prevent over or under process your own recipes for more precise results.


The pulse function helps in recipes like salsa dips or guacamole where very little processing is needed. It adds more versatility and gives you more options as you gain confidence with this machine.

Compatible with Any Self-Detect Containers

Vitamix has a new line of containers they call “Self-Detect” and you can use these on this machine.

The product line includes a 48 ounce dry container, a personal size blending cup and another wet/dry 48 ounce container.

One selling point would be the hassle-free use of these products.

You don’t need to adjust any settings because the machine does it for you.

Let’s say you attach the blending cup, it won’t blend as long as it would with the 64 ounce. So this takes away one step and hassle.

I must warn you that these products are very expensive and most of the blending can be done on the 64 ounce container that comes along with this.

64 ounce Low Profile Container

All Ascent series blender come with the low profile 64 ounce container that cuts the height from 20.5” down to 17”. That’s a 2.5” difference between the older 5200 series and this.

The lower profile design will allow this to fit under more cabinets on the countertop than the taller 5200.

What can this blender make?

All Ascent series blenders can make the same thing. The difference would how you’d go about blending these recipes.

The absence of preset controls means a steeper learning curve when making something more complete like pasta sauces or mixing batter.

Let’s go through each of the recipes that the A3300 can make

First recipe here I found on YouTube (by Beyond Vegans) is a green smoothie that contains spinach, celery, water, cucumber, parsley and green apples.

This blender was able to blend this recipe into a smooth, juice-like consistency. That’s because a lot of water was added. If you want something thicker, add less water.

The biggest benefit of drinking this type of juice is everything is consumed – pulp and all the good stuff.

Next recipe I’d like to share is the red pepper and hazelnut soup…

This video will show you how versatile and easy to use this product is. The recipe includes red pepper, tomatoes, yellow onions, garlic, vegetable broth, hazelnuts, black pepper and olive oil.

It’s a 2-step process. First step would be combining all the ingredients in a pot and slow cooking it for 10 minutes. Next step is pouring everything inside the pitcher and blending it into a smooth consistency for 30 seconds.

And don’t worry about heat – the pitcher can handle it.

Making dips

How’s that for a gourmet quality recipe without spending $$$ for it.

Last recipe I’m sharing is how to make an artichoke and spinach dip.

The recipe for cheese sauce includes raw cashews, filtered water, tapioca starch/flour, nutritional yeast, apple cider vinegar, pink Himalayan salt and garlic powder.

Dip needs the following ingredients: marinated antichoke hearts, medium yellow onion, garlic, spinach, unsweetened almond milk, pink Himalayan salt, all-purpose seasoning and crushed pepper.

I hope these 3 recipes will help you get a feel on how versatile this product is and the possibilities.

If you’re looking for a tool that’ll help ease up your work load in food prep, this is a great option.

Is it easy to clean?

All Vitamix blenders are easy to clean even without the clean preset. Just fill the container halfway with water, add a few drops of dishwashing soap and then blend for 30 seconds. Make sure to rinse thoroughly to remove any soapy residue.

Do this immediately after blending so residue does not dry up.

Product Specifications

Motor1,500 watts
Jug capacity64 ounce
Blade Typelaser cut stainless steel
Max RPM37,000
Preset blending cyclesNo
Metal Drive?Yes
BPA FreeYes
Dishwasher SafeNo
Crush ice?Yes
Nut ButterYes
Warranty10 years


All Ascent blenders come with an industry leading 10 year warranty. If you think that’s not enough then you can purchase an extended warranty from Amazon that adds 3 to 4 years on top of the 10 year coverage.

Consumer Reviews

Two words that I took away from reviews – consistency and versatility.

This machine is lots of both. If you expect this just to be a run-in-the-mill blender and complaint about the price then you’re wrong.

The Ascent series is more than just a smoothie making machine, it’s a versatile kitchen tool capable of making a lot more. Watch the videos above to see what I mean.

Where can I buy this?

You can buy this in Amazon for less than $450. And it’ll be eligible to their free 2-day shipping if you join Prime.

Extended warranties are also available of up to 4 years if you want that extra peace of mind.

To Wrap Up

This is one of the best value-for-money options in the Ascent lineup because for the same price as the A2500, you’ll get more features.

This variant comes with the programmable timer absent in the A2500 that helps in terms of precision with any recipe you have in mind.

It has the same versatility as the A3500 minus the preset option but you’ll save major $$$ and still get the same 10 year warranty.

You’ll also get a recipe book that contains tons of gourmet quality recipes to help you get the most out of this. There’s no need to visit a Michelin star restaurant just to enjoy gourmet quality food, it can be done with a Vitamix!

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