15 [Tricks] Ways to Drink More Water and Get Healthier

There’s no doubt that water is the healthiest liquid that we can put inside our body.

The sad thing is most people don’t get enough of this daily.

Ways to Drink More Water

Perhaps it’s the bland nature of water that makes it too tedious to drink that most folks would rather have a cup of coffee or juice instead.

Or we’re just too busy or too lazy.

With the many health benefits of water, you’re missing out on something cheap (unless you gulp down bottles of Evian) and healthy that can prevent a boatload of ailments and help you lose weight!

So I’ve come up with this list of ways to help trick your mind drink more water every day.

1. Drink a glass first thing in the morning

What you put in your body first thing in the morning is of utmost importance. Water helps rehydrate the body after several hours of dehydration.

Drinking water instead (or before) coffee is better because coffee does the opposite – it dehydrates your body more.

It helps you start up your day right in terms of productivity since water essential for optimal brain function.

2. Infuse with fruit

Add some flavor to water by soaking it in fruits like lemon, strawberry, cucumber, and the likes. Infusing water with fruit solves the issue of blandness. The options and combination are endless.

One of my favorite combos would be the lemon, blueberry and strawberry combo.

Just make sure to go organic as much as possible and thoroughly wash fruit you’re infusing to prevent potential contamination.

Also, remove the skin of citrus fruits like lemon as these tend to be bitter.

3. Have a bottle nearby at all times

Do you work in front of a computer the whole day? I’m willing to bet you don’t drink enough water.

My wife is guilty of this. Having a bottle of water nearby helps you remember to drink. Water bottles come in different designs and sizes. My personal favorite would be stainless steel bottles because these are durable and provide the best insulation.

4. Or better yet get more bottles

Humans are a creature of habit, and it works both ways. One of the healthy habits you have to build is drinking water. And having multiple water bottles helps because it gives you a visual cue like “hey buddy it’s time to drink me up.”

Having a water bottle in areas of your home you spend the most time, give you easier access to water thus you’ll drink more.

5. Drink before every meal

Nutritionist Sarah Harris, MS, RD recommends drinking a 12-ounce glass of water before eating. It’s one of the easiest ways to remember when to drink water. And it doing so will help curb your appetite and eat less; thus it enables you to lose unwanted pounds.

6. Don’t gulp, sip

I always tell my 6-year-old son “Don’t gulp, just sip” and with good reason. If he gulps down a mouth full of water, he chokes, gags, the feeling isn’t pleasant. You’ll feel bloated, and this may be enough to deter you from drinking enough water.

Why not try sipping water instead. Taking small sips not only makes you feel better, but it’s also better for your body. Don’t wait until you’re thirsty before gulping down vast quantities of water. Consuming water at a slower pace will help the body absorb it better because of saliva. Just chugging it down reduces the amount of saliva that reaches the stomach hence leaving a still acidic stomach.

Saliva helps neutralize the acidity of our stomach because it is alkaline.

7. Mark your bottle

You can mark lines on the bottle (assuming you’re using something transparent) to know precisely how much you should drink by a specific time of the day.

Doing this gives you a visual cue which in turn helps you stay on track.

There are also marked water bottles available like the Sparkle Rush that already have those marks in place.

8. Refill water bottle when empty

Make it a habit to refill your water bottle once it is empty. An empty container should be your cue to refill it.

Again, this is just the practice of building a healthy habit. Do you think that you’ll stand up randomly to refill an empty bottle sitting there for hours? I doubt so it is essential to have cues.

Doing this ensures you have a bottle full of water ready to be consumed.

9. Use an app

In this digitally driven information age, we rely on our phones more than ever. Apps are used by people in nearly everything from chatting people, ordering groceries to transportation. So why not use an app to monitor how much water you’ve consumed in a day.

An app such as Waterlogged helps you monitor how much h2o you’ve consumed and will remind you when you need to drink. Another option would be the high-tech Drink-up that combines water bottle and app to help you stay hydrated throughout the day.

10. Try investing in a filter

It may not be a need if you live in an area with a clean water source. However, for folks who may live in a place where it isn’t, a filter could be a great option to enjoy clean drinking water from the tap without having to purchase bottled water and add to plastic waste.

There are several options for this. You can opt for the filtration device on the sink or purchase a water bottle with a built-in filter if you’re on the go.

Either of these options will work depending on your preference and budget.

11. Drink water while waiting for your coffee to brew

Drink water while coffee is brewing

Did you know that coffee is a diuretic? It means that everything you get your caffeine fix, your body gets dehydrated. So why not drink a glass of water before downing a hot cup of coffee.

It’s an excellent way to be efficient with your time as you’ll at least be doing something healthy and not just stare at the coffee maker waiting for it to brew.

12. Or drink herbal tea instead

There’s nothing more calming during winter season than a hot cup of herbal tea. Herbal tea is nothing more than flavored water but with herbs instead of fruit.

There are a variety of flavors available out there depending on your mood from citrusy to spicy and everything in between.

Drinking herbal tea is a great way to unwind after a long day during cold months.

13. Get some reusable straws

Using a straw will help you drink water faster. It helps with consuming water at a faster rate. So it makes pretty darn good sense to use a straw.

Now, I’m not talking about plastic straws these are terrible for the environment. The straws I’m referring to are the reusable variety.

Given a choice, I’d go with stainless steel straws that can be pricey, but these will last longer.

Bamboo is also reusable but the porous surface can and will absorb bacteria over time.

14. Transition your way to drinking more water

Our day is composed of different activities. What do you do at the start of each day? Brush your teeth, take a bath, prepare meals, doing the dishes and so on.

One way to consume more water is to use those transitions between tasks as a cue to drinking a cup of water.

Am I doing the laundry? Drink water before loading the washing machine.

Are you making some coffee? Why not drink a cup while waiting for it to brew.

Preparing for an important meeting? Drink a cup before prepping your notes.

15. Find the right temperature

Have you heard the term “different folks, different strokes”?

This phrase applies to our preference to how cold or warm (or hot) we like our water.

For instance, my father-in-law likes his water ice-cold.

My wife and I prefer something warmer because it helps calm our stomachs.

Whatever your preference is to find the right temperature that will appeal to you the most.

Keep in mind that there are certain principles that you should follow regardless of your preference.

During a strenuous workout, drinking cold water will help cool down your body faster than drinking warm water.

Early in the morning, drinking warm water is better for your digestive tract than drinking cold water that can shock your system in the wrong way.

To wrap up

Drinking enough water is a habit we need to develop if we want to live a long and healthy lifestyle. A lot of the diseases can be prevented with a healthy lifestyle with water as the main hydration source.

If you have any to share, please leave a comment below. I’d love to hear what you have to share.

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