Nutribullet Comparison: Comparing the Original Nutribullet with the Nutribullet Pro and RX

Nutribullet comparisonWhen it comes to compact blenders the Nutribullet is a popular brand that consumers in North America have come to know and love (or hate).

Despite the issues it has with the blade leaking, it has continued to be a bestselling compact blender in Amazon.

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The reasons are obvious. It is compact, easy to use and powerful enough to make smoothies. With the latest RX variant, you can also make soup thanks to the SoupBlaster pitcher designed for such.

In this article we will compare the Nutribullet 600, Nutribullet Pro and Nutribullet RX but first here’s a table to help you look how they differ spec-wise…

Spec comparison

Nutribullet 600
600 watts
900 watts
1,700 watts
Height (motor base)
2 - 18 oz.

1 - 24 oz.
1 – 32 oz.
2 – 24 oz.

1 – 45 oz.

1 – 30 oz.
Blending cycle
Smoothie mode

Soup making mode
Blade Type
Stainless steel
BPA Free
1 year
1 year
1 year

Simple Controls – Less is More

Nutribullet takes simplicity to a whole new level.

Nutribullet Controls

Whereas other blenders may overwhelm you with the sheer number of preset controls (I’m talking to you Shred), Nutribullet firmly believes in the saying the less is more.

And if you look at their products it is evident with the exception of the latest RX, their two older products don’t have any controls whatsoever.

Blade Design

The first two Nutribullet variants come with the same blade design that featured a rounded tip that has a little bit of play that loosens up over time usually causing leaks on the motor base.

Nutribullet blades

It is a real issue and not a fabricated one made up by their competitors, if there is a chink in the Nutribullet armor this would be the one.

And despite this issue sales remain to be strong because other aspects of this product are solid.

Second gen blade better

Some consumers say that the second generation blades have better quality. This includes a better quality blade and upgraded gasket to prevent leaks.

Replacement blades are now available in Amazon that claims to have solved this issue.

New blade in the RX

The Nutribullet RX has a redesigned blade that is stiffer and sharper. This upgrade is a necessity to make hot soup.

But another problem that has surfaced for the new RX would be the gasket that tears apart inside the cup.

Again, consumers have sent photos of this issue and while it is again a real issue, Nutribullet says their new batch of blades doesn’t have any of these issues.

And if you buy this make sure to keep the receipt and warranty card just in case yours has the same problem.

Nutribullet will replace it for free so make sure to check it after every use.

Again despite this gasket issue, this blender is doing very well and a lot of people are buying them – just see the number of 5 star ratings.

Don’t overfill and it’ll not leak

One consumer even said that one thing that causes this is overfilling the cup or pitcher with liquid that creates suction and pulls the rubber gasket.

Another tip is to use the blade removing tool to remove the housing after every use. This should solve any issues.

Here’s a video comparing the Nutribullet Pro and RX…

To turn this blender on you only need to twist and push if you’re using the 600 or Pro 900 and if you’re using the RX dropping in the pitcher or cup turns on the motor immediately.

It is this simplicity that makes this a popular product for health conscious gym buffs looking for a compact machine strong enough to make green smoothies without having to break the bank with a Vitamix.

What’s the difference between the 3 variants?

Nutribullet 600

This is the original and still the bestselling compact blender in Amazon and the there is a lot to like about it.

First is the size. This machine is great for small homes where every square inch is a premium.

If you own a mobile home, this would be a great option. It will not take up too much space vertically or horizontally.

Even with the biggest cup attached, it only measures 15 inches tall.

It even with the cup on the motor, it will still fit under most countertop cabinets.

Second even with its small stature it packs a lot of punch at around 600 watts. This is enough to blend fruits and vegetables (yes even frozen) to a consistent smooth drink – but you’ll have to add liquid.

Basically this machine will only make smoothies, nothing more nothing less.

It can’t crush ice without any water and it can’t make soup.

Buy this if you’re looking for a compact machine with ready to use cups that you can bring with you to the gym or at work. If size is a major concern for you, this is your best option.

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Nutribullet Pro (or the 900)

The Nutribullet Pro is a larger version of the 600 with 50% more power thanks to the 900 watt motor (compared to the 600 watts).

It also comes with a slightly larger blending cup (32 ounce vs 24 ounce).

Both the 600 and 900 variants have exactly the same blade and result should be just the same. The biggest upgrade would be the larger motor that will make smoothies a bit faster.

The only reason why you’ll buy this over the 600 is size. If you feel that the cups of the 600 are too small for you then buy this.

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Nutribullet RX

This is the latest and most powerful Nutribullet to date. Instead of upgrading just a few hundred watts, Nutribullet nearly doubled the power output at 1,700 watts! That’s comparable to a full-sized blender!

It’s no surprise that this blender is much, much taller than the Nutribullet Pro.

In addition to the larger motor, this also has larger cups – largest being the 45 ounce oversized cup.

And a SoupBlaster pitcher that allows you to make hot soup! If you’re into gourmet soup and want to make your own recipes, this is a great tool to have.

If you look at the bottom, it comes with one preset control that engages the soup making cycle.

This preset will blend contents inside SoupBlaster pitcher for 7 minutes. The result is a piping hot soup that can rival something in a gourmet restaurant.


Like what I’ve said earlier it has a completely redesigned blade that looks more rigid and sharper. The change I think is a necessity for this machine to be able to make soup.

The only reason why you’ll spend close to $120 for this is because you need something with a larger pitcher or you like to make gourmet soup at home. Makes sense because eating out isn’t cheap.

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All Nutribullet products come with a one year warranty. An optional 4 year extended warranty is available from Nutribullet.

Amazon also offers extended warranty but for a shorter period that ranges between $3 and $15 depending on the variant.

Where can I buy this?

The best place would be in Amazon where you can get the best deal. Another reason why I recommend Amazon would be the availability of extended warranties should you want that extra piece of mind.

These machines would best between $70 and $120 in Amazon.

Which Nutribullet should I choose?

At their core all Nutribullet blenders make one thing well and that’s smoothies.

All of these machines cannot make sorbet, nut butter, crushed ice (without water). Basically any recipe that has very little to no liquid content is a no-no for the Nutribullet.

If you want the cheapest or looking for a really compact blender with enough power to make smoothies for one then go for the Nutribullet 600 but if the 600 is too small then go with the Nutribullet Pro that has a larger cup.

Nutribullet RX is the largest and most powerful Nutribullet right now. It has a powerful 1,700 watt motor, large cups and SoupBlaster pitcher designed to make hot soup from scratch thanks to a vented lid that releases steam.

It is the most expensive but if you’re making smoothies for more than one and would like to make your own homemade soup recipes this is a pretty good investment.

Don’t worry about the one year warranty because you can purchase extended warranties for all three variants direct from Nutribullet or Amazon.

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