Oster Pro 1200 Review – Better Than A Ninja?

When you shop for a blender right now you have two choices, you can opt for a full sized blender with a large pitcher.

Or you can opt for something smaller with single serve jug when they’re in a hurry.

Oster Pro 1200 Review

Out of the all the blenders in the market very few offer both.

The closest I could find right now is the Vitamix S30 but that thing is freaking expensive at over $400. This is the price of a full size Vitamix 5200.

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Cheaper option than a Vitamix

If you cannot afford such expensive piece of blending tool then have a look at the Oster Pro 1200 that comes with a 6-cup glass pitcher and a 24 ounce jug.

This offers you some sort of flexibility by allowing you to make small single serve drinks using the single serve cup or make larger batches of smoothies using the pitcher.

Powerful motor

The 1,200 motor will also give you enough blending power to not just make smoothies but also crush ice, make salsa and frozen desserts.

Although it may not be able to make nut butter like the Vitamix because it lacks a tamper and the motor isn’t as heavy duty.

But it can pulverize dried nuts as you’ll see later on.

Outside that potential limitation this machine will be fully capable of doing the other functions at a fraction of a cost.

First, let’s look at the features…

  • Has a 7 speed setting (that includes 3 pre-programmed functions)
  • 1,200 watts of blending power (900 watts when you crush ice)
  • 6-cup dishwasher safe Boroclass glass jar
  • Also comes with a 24 ounce smoothie cup (although Oster did not specify if it’s BPA free)
  • All metal drive system
  • 5” wide 6 blade system allows this machine to make smoothies faster
  • 3 year satisfaction guarantee warranty plus a 10 year warranty on the metal drive
  • 14 inches tall


  • Allows you to make singer serve drinks or large batches of smoothies without having to buy two separate products
  • Very affordable
  • Powerful 1,200 watt motor
  • Large 3.5” wide blade has more reach
  • Great warranty for a blender at this price range


  • Glass jar is heavy
  • This will not be able to make nut butter
  • Oster did not specify if the smoothie cup is BPA free

What to expect from this small yet powerful blender?


Big and small

This blender basically allows you to make large batches of smoothies or sauces as well as single serve drinks thanks to the 24 ounce smooth cup that you can also use to blend.

It saves you time because you won’t need to watch two containers if you only need to make a small batch.

Despite the compact size, this machine delivers in terms of power thanks to its 1,200 watt motor.

It is fully capable of not just making smoothies but also frozen drinks, soups, salsas as well as crush ice.


Oster says that it has 900 watts of power available when you crush ice (more on that below).

Unlike most other compact blenders this comes with 3 preset functions so you can just push the button and walk away.

These functions are (1) green/frozen smoothies, (2) food chop/salsa and (3) milkshakes.

It also comes with 3 speed settings if you want to experiment plus it has a pulse function if you’re more comfortable with that.


This blender will look good in most modern kitchens thanks to its brushed metal finish and it isn’t tool tall, even with the 6-cup pitcher it only measures 14” tall so you won’t have any problem storing this.

My favorite part is the warranty.

When you look at other blenders in the similar price range those machines only come with a 1 year warranty,

Nutribullet and Nutri Ninja comes to mind but this comes with a 3 year satisfaction guaranteed warranty plus a 10 year warranty on the metal drive.

To see the features in a nutshell watch this video…


What can this make?

This machine can make smoothies, salsa, soups and blends (or frozen drinks like milk shakes or protein shakes).

It also has enough power to crush ice (like what I’ve said several times already this machine has 900 watts of ice crushing power).


Here’s a demo of the Oster making salsa using roasted apples, pumpkin, onions, habanero, tomatillos…


Surprisingly this machine can make more than the four I mentioned above.

Watch this video on how the Oster Pro 1200 is capable of crushing nuts (a mix of walnuts, almonds, macadamia nuts, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds and chia seeds) as well as making cashew cream using raw soaked cashew nuts.

Green smoothies

Now here’s a demonstration making a green smoothie using the smoothie cup.

Ingredients include spinach, pineapple, banana and unsweetened almond milk.


Here’s another demonstration making salsa (this time from an actual consumer and not from Oster) with Jalapeno pepper, tomatoes, onions, garlic, lime juice and kosher salt. I’m showing this to you so you know what to expect from the food chop/salsa function.


Is it easy to clean?

The compact size of the pitcher and the smoothie cup make this easy to clean.

By the way the glass pitcher can be washed inside a dishwasher. Or you can just simply fill it half way with water add a few drops of dishwashing liquid then pulse of 30 seconds then rinse thoroughly.

You can also wash it by hand but you have to be careful or you’ll cut yourself with the sharp blade.


Oster backs this up with a 3 year satisfaction guarantee and a 10 year all metal drive warranty.

This type of warranty is unheard of in blenders at this price range, it shows you the confidence that Oster has in its products.

Product Specification

Motor1,200 watts
(900 watts of ice crushing power)
Jug capacity6 cup glass pitcher

24 ounce smoothie cup
Blade Type6 point stainless steel blade
Preset blending cyclesGreen/Frozen Smoothies

Food Chop/Salsa

BPA FreeNo
Dishwasher SafeYes
Crush ice?Yes
Nut ButterNo
Warranty3 year satisfaction guarantee

10 year all-metal drive limited warranty

Consumer Reviews

Consumers really liked how this product worked, especially when you compare it to the Ninja.

One reviewer in particular detailed how this blender outperforms a Ninja.

More powerful than a Ninja

The Oster Pro has more power – 1,200 watts v.s. 1,000 watts and has a wider base which means more stability.

It has enough power to crush ice and pulverize dried ingredients like nuts (I’ve shared it with you earlier).

Even the smoothie cup is wider and the blades don’t protrude toward the edges as much as in the Ninja which means you can put more ingredients inside.

Preset controls work well.

The smoothie preset function in particular produced consistent smoothies everything.

And even when you add nuts to a smoothie recipe, it didn’t have any problems going through it.

Metal gear

The gear that connects the motor to the blade is made from metal, unlike Ninja’s or the Magic Bullet that is made from plastic. This will last longer and resist wear better over the long term.

Heavy glass jar

And while the glass pitcher is heavy, users don’t seem to mind it because of the very good performance.

The wide jar has a downside, one pointed out that you need big hands to open it or you’ll need a rubber jar opener if you have arthritic hands.

Food processor feedback

Some users were disappointed though with the food processor attachment mainly because it is small but that should not be an issue when you only make small batches of salsa or sauce.

Overall consumers loved how this product worked well, in fact better than the Ninja and other more expensive blenders. This could be one of the best bang-for-the-buck blenders in the market right now.

Where can I buy this?

You can buy this blender in Amazon for less than $55 and it’ll be eligible to their free 2-day shipping if you join Prime.

Extended warranties are also available of up to 4 years if you want that extra peace of mind.

To Wrap Up

This versatile, powerful and still compact blender is great for people looking for a medium sized blender that will not take a lot of space but still strong enough to make other types of recipes like salsa, desserts and frozen shakes.

The addition of the smoothie cup adds a lot of versatility to this product.

What I mean by that is you can actually use the smoothie cup to blend and not the pitcher which saves you time because you don’t need to wash the pitcher anymore just the small cup.

My favorite feature of this product is the price and warranty. At just under $70, you can acquire a blender with commercial power but still enjoy the space saving benefits of a compact blender.

This beats the likes of Nutri Ninja and Magic Bullet in terms of value for money though you’ll have to live with the heavy glass pitcher.

9 thoughts on “Oster Pro 1200 Review – Better Than A Ninja?”

  1. I ordered an Oster Pro 1200 today. The $99.99 “Plus” kit is available at oster.com for $89.99, with free shipping. It includes the 24-oz. personal cup and a 5-cup food processor attachment. Replacement parts are sold online. Based on YouTube videos seen, this blender makes great smoothies from fibrous greens and fruits and it pulverizes ice like a champ.

  2. Can anyone tell me where in Ontario canada this blender can be found and whats the cost? Is one month now i have beibeing seeking answers about this blender

    1. I have just ordered one from ebay Canada: the shipping is from Canada (free), the total price (with taxes) was under $120. I hope I will like it. Really wanted to go with Vitamix, but I saw many bad things about plastic jars. I also had Cuisinart one (glass and metal), but its drive part was made of plastic and got totally destroyed after a few months of use (not even a year, and I never put anything frozen to this blender!). Considering all this, I think that Oster Pro 1200 would be the best choice for today (I just wish it to be bigger).

  3. I bought the Oster Pro 1200 with 24 oz shake jar for USD $67.30 after taxes at Target.com. Using my Redcard I got 5% off the price, plus I ordered it online and took advantage of the August 2016 $5.00 coupon code available in a Google search. Shipping is free, or you can place the order online and pick it up in your local Target store. It’s very powerful, remember to place your hand over the 24 oz blender cup or it will jump off the nut and strip the teeth located underneath the blade. The frozen banana, cold water and ice smoothies are just as good as a Vitamix, however, you won’t be making hot soups, nut butters, meals or flours in this. But, for $67.00 bucks out the door that is great trade-off.

    1. I puree hot soup all the time, I just my hot zucchini soup and had no problem at all. Just remember to take off the measuring cup from the lid so the steam can escape.

  4. Hello I have been thinking buying this blender for making smoothies but I noticed you said it doesn’t make nut butters I just watched someone put almonds in this blender and it came out really nice is that the same as nut butters?

  5. The Oster Pro 1200 does make nut butters. See YouTube tutorials at “helpfulnatural”. I have a Pro 1200 with all of the attachments and love it.

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