Vitamix Ascent A2300 Review: Entry Level Ascent Blender with Not So Entry Level Features

The Ascent series is Vitamix’s line that adds a touch of pizazz to an already very good product.

We’re going to look at the cheapest blender in this series, the Ascent 2300.

Vitamix Ascent A2300 Review

When you look at its features it has the same features as the 7500 but it’s almost $80 cheaper.

How is it possible that something newer be cheaper than an older variant?

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Let’s have a close look at the Ascent A2300 and see what makes it a better option than the 7500.

One of the features I like is the digital timer feature that’s on top of the rotary dial. This allows you to see how long the blender has been running without you having to bring out a stop watch.

It has the same 2.2 hp motor as the 7500 so expect the same performance.

A quick look at the features

  • Has a 2.2 hp (peak) motor
  • Digital timer takes away the guesswork and the need of a separate timer
  • Variable speed (10 settings) gives you more flexibility
  • Redesigned container has a lower profile and a clear lid
  • 10 year warranty
  • Pulse feature gives you more control when chopping ingredients for stuff like pasta sauce or vegetable soup
  • Low profile tamper helps in blending recipes with little to no liquid
  • Comes with the Ascent series cookbook filled with gourmet quality recipes
  • Built-in wireless connectivity detects the container used and adjusts blending times accordingly

The Good

  • Cheapest of the Ascent series at less than $400 currently
  • Powerful 2.2 hp motor will blend just about anything (heck it can mix a batter)
  • Improve design looks great inside most kitchens
  • Pulse feature adds a more control in food prep
  • Long 10 year warranty
  • Redesigned container lowers overall height by 0.5 inches
  • Digital timer helps you be more precise with how long the blending cycle should be

The Bad

  • Very expensive
  • Won’t blend small quantities well (you’ll need to buy the “SELF DETECT” containers separately)
  • Short power cord (only 4 feet)

What to expect from the Ascent A2300?

From a consumer perspective being the cheapest isn’t a bad thing. It’s all about what you need and the Ascent A2300 is the most “basic” Ascent blender.

Even at its “basic” state this blender is considered high end when you compare it to other brands.

Check out this video from Blending with Henry to see the different features of the A2300 and how it differs with the top of the line Ascent 3500…


This variant has the classic Vitamix interface setup – pulse switch on the left, variable speed dial in the middle and on/off switch on the right.

But wait there’s more…

On top of the rotary dial is a digital timer that lets you see how long the motor is running. This means you don’t have to whip out your smartphone and set the timer. That feature is built-in the new Ascent series.

Variable Speed

At the middle of the motor base is a dial that lets you adjust the speed of the blade between 1 and 10.

This gives you the flexibility to adjust the texture of the recipe you’re making from chunky sauces to smooth baby food and everything in between.


Vitamix redesigned the container in the Ascent series. Instead of using a black rubber top, the new design has a clear plastic top with an opening for the tamper.

This container uses BPA-free Eastman Tritan plastic that has good insulation it keep drinks cool.

You can also use this to make hot soup since it has vents that help release steam.

You can blend up to 64 ounces with this. Vitamix also offers smaller “SELF-DETECT” containers that are compatible with all Ascent series blenders.

These include the “Blending Bowl Starter Kit” and “Blending Cup Starter Kit”.


All Ascent blenders use the same 2.2 hp second generation motor found in the 5300, 7500, 750 and 780 variants.

And the crazy thing is the A2300 is one of the cheapest of the bunch.


Blade design is similar to other Vitamix second generation blenders.

Vitamix used hardened stainless steel so the blade will not corrode in the long run. And it’ll be able to pulverize anything.

Blade itself is around 4” in diameter – wider than the first generation Vitamix’s that used the taller containers.

Self-Detect Technology

Another neat feature to look at is the “Self-Detect” technology where the motor base will know what container you put on top of it.

This means that you don’t have to manually adjust the settings for the container you’ll use – it does it for you.

If you use a smaller single serve container for smoothies, the self-detect technology shortens the blending time and vice versa if you use the full sized 64 ounce pitcher.


Vitamix ups the ante by backing up the entire Ascent line with a ridiculous 10 year warranty.

That’s 3 years longer than the warranty in the professional series.

What can this blender make?

Combine the digital timer, pulse and variable speed you have a blender that can pretty much make any recipe you can think off.

Hot Soup

Even without the preset function, you can still make hot soup with the A2300 even without the stove!

Just run this machine for around 10 minutes and the friction created by the blades will heat up the liquid inside the container.

Don’t worry about steam popping the lid because it has vents that allow steam to go out.

The digital timer is useful here because it gives you a visual on how long the blender is running.

Frozen Dessert

With the tamper and powerful motor, you can also make healthy desserts like sorbets and even ice cream.

Grind Nuts, Coffee, Spices, Etc.

You can even use this Vitamix to grind nuts, coffee and spices. This machine will change the way you look at peanut butter.

No longer will you want to buy greasy, chemical filled peanut butter you buy from groceries because you can make something healthier at home.

You can also use this to grind coffee beans to powder.

It also has enough power to crush grain into a powdery consistency.

Mix a Batter

If you’re a pizza person, the Ascent A2300 also is capable of mixing a batter. You won’t mix as much as you would in a standalone mixer but for small batches it will do the job.


One of my all-time favorite drinks is an ice cold smoothie with lots of ice.

The 2.2 horsepower motor has enough power and torque to pulverize even the toughest, most fibrous ingredients like kale or celery into a fine consistency for making healthy smoothies.

Whether you want to add ice or not is up to you. What you’ll appreciate is the consistency and you don’t have to stop mid-cycle just to mix everything up. This machine will make you a cup of health smoothie in less than a minute.

Is It Easy To Clean?

Even without the preset controls cleaning the Ascent A2300 is easy. Just fill the container half full with water and a few drops of dish washing detergent then let it run for 30 seconds to dislodge any residue trapped under the blade.

Don’t forget to rinse it well after doing this. The container is also dishwasher safe but handwashing is sufficient. Make sure to wash immediately after using it so ingredients don’t dry up.

Product Specifications

Motor2.2 peak HP
Jug capacity64 ounce
Blade Typelaser cut stainless steel
Max RPM37,000
Preset blending cyclesNone
Metal Drive?Yes
BPA FreeYes
Dishwasher SafeNo
Crush ice?Yes
Nut ButterYes
Warranty10 years

Where can I buy this?

You can buy this in Amazon for less than $340 and it’ll be eligible to their free 2-day shipping if you join Prime.

Extended warranties are also available of up to 4 years of you want that extra peace of mind.

What do consumers think?

Consumers like this blender very much because of its power that produces consistent results.

One review mentioned that this makes “going vegan easier” and when you have a machine that is as versatile as this it is hard to argue with that claim.

But all that power comes at a price – expect this to be noisy.

This being the cheapest variant is a big reason why it has lots of 5 star reviews.

I’ll let you in on a tip – if you want to save a little bit go for the “Slate” color that’s just a little bit lighter than black.

Consumers say that the A2300 is powerful enough to blend everything from avocado to ice cream. Powerful motor, consistent blending and a somewhat reasonable price tag are reasons people were happy with their purchase.

To Wrap Up

If you don’t need any of the preset options in the Ascent 2500 then the A2300 is a great option because it costs less.

Performance will be the same across all the variants because all use the same motor, blade and container. The difference lies in the extras that come along.

For those who want something simple to use and want to save some $$$ this will be a great option that’s as versatile and consistent.

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