Vitamix 750 Review – A Vitamix with Pre-programmed Settings

In my previous reviews I’ve talked about the 5200, 6300 and the 7500.

All these blenders are great options for foodies who only want the best.

Vitamix 750 Review


Now let’s talk about of what some people say is the “Gold Standard” of Vitamix blenders – the 750.

This isn’t the latest but it represents the next generation of Vitamix blenders that now use their all new 2.2 HP motor.

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This same motor also found in the Vitamix 7500. But is the price difference justifiable?

The 750 utilizes the same low profile 64 ounce container as the 7500 that’s wider. And has the 4″ stainless blade. It has is the same blade design in the old pitcher, only wider.

5 preset controls

The biggest difference between this and the 5200 and 7500 would be preset controls. It comes with a total of 5 – smoothies, frozen desserts, hot soups, puree and a cleaning mode.

Yes, it actually has a preset for cleaning your blender. And like the 7500 it also comes with the manual speed dial if you want manually control the speed.

The motor spins the blades at a dizzying 37,000 rpm and has enough torque to not just blend but also mix up cake batter and crush ice without the need for water.

Let’s look at the goodies that you’ll get inside:

  • Powered by a 2.2 hp (1,440 watt) motor that spins the blades at a crazy 37,000 rpm
  • Uses the wide and low profile 64 ounce BPA free pitcher that uses less real estate vertically compared to the 5200
  • Has 5 preset controls that includes a preset for cleaning the pitcher (since it isn’t dishwasher friendly)
  • Overall height is around 17.5 inches
  • Backed up by a 7 year warranty
  • New and improved radial cooling fan and thermal protection system allows you to run the motor longer without overheating the motor
  • Laser cut stainless steel blades ensure consistent blending every time you use this machine


  • The addition of preset controls adds to the already versatile feature set
  • Uses perhaps the strongest motor in the blending industry when you combine the torque and hp
  • Low profile pitcher will fit under most cabinets
  • Capable of blending just about anything you throw in it plus it can even mix batter if you want to bake
  • Improved cooling system allows you to turn on the machine longer without tripping the overheat sensor
  • Consistent blending results day in and day out


  • Very expensive – one of the most expensive blenders in the market right now
  • This is a noisy machine

What to expect from the Vitamix 750

Vitamix calls this a professional grade blender and you may be wondering how is it different from the 7500?

Same motor

The 750 and 7500 actually have the same motor inside. Both use the same 2.2 peak hp second generation motor and the same blade.



Aside from the preset controls, the 750 comes with the Create cookbook that contains recipes that chefs use.

This is why Vitamix calls this a professional grade blender.

It isn’t more robust or does it use a larger motor. Both have the same power and will produce the same results.

I cover the difference of the 750 and 7500 more in detail here.

Preset controls

Speaking of the preset controls, this machine comes with 5 as you’ll see below.

Preset Controls

Remember these preset settings automatically starts and stops the blender based on a pre-programmed time interval.

And yes it comes with a cleaning setting that you can use to clean the pitcher.

All you need to do is fill the pitcher halfway with water. Add a few drops of dishwashing liquid soap then turn the machine on using the cleaning setting.

Variable Speed

It also comes with the same 10 speed settings as the Vitamix 7500 that allows you to go manual if you like to make your own recipes.

The 750 uses the same pitcher as the 7500 which is the 64 ounce wide pitcher which has a lower profile than the tall 64 ounce pitcher found in the 6300 and 5200.

Also it is also compatible with 32 ounce and 48 ounce wet container.

What can this make?

Like the 7500, the 750 can just make about recipe you put in from smoothies, frozen desserts, soups, homemade peanut butter, grated cheese, pancake batter and crushed ice.

The powerful 2.2 hp motor combined with the large 4″ stainless steel blades.

And the better cooling system allows folks heap more abuse on this machine without tripping the overheat sensor that automatically shuts the motor down.

What makes this a popular option among consumers is the availability of the preset controls.

This feature allows them to turn on this machine. And walk away saving them some time to do other errands.


How about making some homemade carrot juice using a cup of baby carrots, a teaspoon of lemon, a cup of water and a tablespoon of honey.

Take note that this drink will contain carrot pulp that’s why water is needed to make it drinkable. Add honey only for taste, nothing else.

If you only want carrot juice without the pulp you can use a strainer to remove the excess pulp or buy a juicer.

To make this recipe, Henry didn’t use the preset option. He just started at speed 1 then slowly ramped it up to speed 8 and run it for 30 seconds.

On an older 5200 with the smaller 3” blade, you would have to use speed 10 but since the 750 has larger blades you can use a lower speed setting to produce the same results.

Don’t overblend

You have to be careful not to overblend because the friction caused by the blades will melt the ice and if you blend too long you may end up with a warm smoothie.

In this video, Henry from Blending with Henry tests whether or not the 750 will blend even without the tamper.

This video demonstrates the capability of the Vitamix in blending without the tamper with the pitcher full.

Green smoothie

This green smoothie has spinach, kale, orange (peeled), mix fruits, grapes, frozen berries and a cup of water.

The generate rule when blending is putting the liquids down (or watery fruits) at the bottom, solids in the middle and ice on top so the ice pushes everything down.

As you can see, it is capable of blending even using the tamper.

Here’s one of the hardest recipes to make in any blender. But with the Vitamix it does not take very long.

Nut butter

This is another demo by Henry using only 4 cups of peanuts without any oils or any sugar.

He also grinded a small amount of peanuts before hand that he adds afterwards to make his recipe a crunchy.

Start with speed 1 then slowly turn it up to speed 10. You will need to use the tamper when making peanut butter to push down the peanuts.

Frozen dessert

If you like frozen desserts watch this video to see how to make one with the 750 using frozen fruit and ice.

Since this recipe does not have any liquid in it, you will need to use the tamper and blend it for around a minute. Remember not to blend too long because the friction from the blades will melt the ice.


This last recipe I’ll share with you in this section is a salsa recipe.

What’s great about using the Vitamix or any blender is that you can make your own salsa without preservatives, sugars and salt which make it more healthier.

Making salsa is a delicate process that requires a pulse setting that this Vitamix has.

Normally you would it chunky, so what you would do is use the pulse to blend the ingredients to the consistency that you’d like.

How a tamper helps

This is where the tamper is most useful because it helps push the ingredients down and prevents over blending.

For this recipe you’ll need roman tomatoes, cilantro, radish, jalapeno pepper, red onion, green pepper and lime. Make sure to remove the seeds because it contains a lot of water.

Henry recommends that when making salsa that you use roman tomatoes because it isn’t as watery.

To see how Henry makes his salsa, watch this…

He recommends that you leave some ingredients to make it a bit chunky at the end.

The bottom line is, there is no right or wrong method in making salsa.

Some people like it chunky. Others like it smooth so you will have to try out different techniques before perfecting it.

Versatile tool

These are just some of the recipes that the Vitamix can make.

This machine is a tool that will help you eat healthier foods because it gives you a tool that will makes it easier to prepare all natural recipes that does not contain any preservatives, added sugars and salt.

Hot soup

One of my favorite dishes this machine makes is soup. Instead of chopping ingredients using a knife, all you need to do is put all of the ingredients inside the pitcher and let the machine do the blender do the work for you.

It saves you time because you don’t need to manually chop everything. And it actually heats up the soup for you because of the friction from the blades.

Don’t worry about the steam getting trapped and popping out the cover because it has small pockets where steam can go through.

This comes with the Create cookbook – something that professional chefs use and you will have the same access to these recipes when you buy the Vitamix 750.

Is it easy to clean?

Cleaning the Vitamix is no different from cleaning any other blender.

You can either use a sponge soaked in water and dishwashing soap to manually scrub it. Or fill it up with water, add liquid dishwashing soap then pulse before rinsing it thoroughly.

Cleaning preset

The 750 added a wrinkle that makes it easier to clean this. It has a cleaning pre-programmed option that all does this for you automatically.

When I say automatically, I don’t mean this machine cleans itself. What I mean is instead of manually counting to 30 or 60 seconds this machine does it for you.

You will still have to add water and dishwashing liquid to the pitcher.

To see this feature in action watch this video…


The Vitamix 750 comes with a 7 year warranty so it gives you peace of mind that even if your blender breaks anytime within the warranty period you can just send your Vitamix in and they will repair it for you at no cost to you.

If you feel that the 7 year warranty is insufficient you can purchase an extended warranty through Amazon or directly from Vitamix.

Product Specifications

Motor1,440 watts
(2.2 peak HP)
Jug capacity64 ounce
Blade Typelaser cut stainless steel
Max RPM37,000
Preset blending cyclesSmoothies

Frozen desserts

Hot soups


Metal Drive?Yes
BPA FreeYes
Dishwasher SafeNo
Crush ice?Yes
Nut ButterYes
Warranty7 years

What Consumers Think?

Despite the (close to) $600 price tag, this blender still got rave reviews from consumers, not just in Amazon but also other online stores. That’s because of the combination of power and efficiency that this blender brings to the table.

Powerful motor

Power thanks to the 2.2 peak horsepower motor that spins the blades at 37,000 rpm and efficiency because of the larger sized 4” blades.

One consumer pointed it out accurately that while other cheaper blenders are more than capable of making smoothies and other simple blending tasks, the Vitamix 750 is in another level in terms of the consistency that you will get.

Great for green smoothies

If you are planning on making a lot of green smoothies, consider investing in the 750 because it is more than capable of pulverizing any leafy green vegetable you put in down into a smooth and delicious drink without the stray bits and pieces of leaves that cheaper blenders would leave behind.

The powerful motor also allow this machine to make pure nut butter without you having to add oil.

I love peanut butter but when you buy store bought varieties these often have sugars, preservatives and too much oil.

Buying “healthy” peanut butter is expensive. It will set you back between $9 to $20 depending on where you’ll buy them.

Why not make your own using dried unsalted peanuts?

Preset controls a great feature to have

Another feature that consumers like is the preset options that allow them to set and forget.

This feature is a time saver for them. But also it comes with a pulse and manual speed dial that allows gives you flexibility to manually control the speed of which the blades spin.

Aside from the high price the biggest source of complaint is the teflon issue that seems to be surfacing on all Vitamix products.

While Vitamix says that the teflon is approved by the FDA consumers are up in arms. But it only appears in a minority of the reviews so I don’t think it should be a cause for concern.

Where can I buy this?

You can buy the Vitamix 750 from Amazon for just under $550! It is eligible for the free 2-day shipping if you enroll in Prime. Amazon also offers an extended warranty if you feel that the 7 year warrant isn’t enough.

To Wrap Up

This product is basically the same product as the Vitamix 7500 only with preset controls and a cookbook that professional chefs use.

People who will find this useful are busy bees who want a high quality product with preset controls that they can set and forget.

The additional preset features means an additional $70 to $80 on top of the $520 price tag of the 7500. That’s a price of a cheap blender.

Whether or not you’ll want to pay for that premium is up to you.

If you’re going only going to make smoothies, you’ll probably be better off with something cheaper than like an Oster Pro or a Black and Decker.

More than just a smoothie maker

But if you like making homemade sorbets, peanut butter, hot soup and simply like to cook, this is an invaluable tool to have that will help you eat a healthier diet.

One feature I like with the Vitamix is you can really make full use of the 64 ounce pitcher and fill it up to the brim as you’ve seen in one of the videos.

An investment

This is a testament to the power and the precision cut blades that are designed to last for years.

So if you decide to buy this expect to have it for a long period of time because of the robust motor and stainless steel blades that are virtually rust proof.

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